Wayne Jones – Lifescapes: Yoga

Lifescapes Music was started by Compass Productions in 1996. Their slogan is “Relax, Renew, Escape” and for many years they sold new age, Celtic, light classical and smooth jazz releases and other things considered relaxing online and through store kiosks across the United States and Canada, first at Best Buy stores and more recently exclusively at Target stores.

Wayne Jones is an American composer, pianist, keyboardist and producer currently based in the Los Angeles area. He holds a Masters degree in music from the University of Southern California, where he also has taught piano and improvisation. Jones has performed and recorded with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and the West German Radio Orchestra. In recent years he is best known as a composer of music for films and television, as well as a producer of new age and healing music releases. He is married to Amy Hayashi-Jones.


Wayne Jones – Lifescapes: Yoga

The music on this album in the Lifescapes series is recorded in the best traditions of such famous New Age composers as Deuter, Kamal and Anugama. The album impresses with its calmness, grandeur and beauty. It is ideal for practicing yoga and meditation. Very nice, you can even say a great album Wayne Jones, released in the series Lifescapes. Amazing enchanting melodies of the flute, mysterious mystical atmosphere of another reality.

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01. A Breath Of Stillness [9:02]
02. A Journey Within [11:53]
03. Eternal Fire [9:43]
04. The River Of Transcendence [7:12]
05. Mandala [6:06]
06. Subtle Body [7:02]
07. Inner Strength, Inner Peace [8:11]

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