Wise Hand – Manschould

Wise Hand - Manschoud

Wise Hand – Manschoud

No one knows the group. They did not make any video clips, never sounded on the radio, was not mentioned in the newspaper magazines. There is also no information on Wise Hand in the Internet. The album looks like a pirated record for $0.5. Hastily made design, the name is read with difficulty. The recording was in a hurry slapped by the production company “Anziloty & Munzig” to give “for the debts” to Warner. Wrote, apparently, the first thing that came to mind, if only to hurry. A set of mysterious sounds and unpretentious romantic songs in the style of world music. The mood of the early “Enigma“. In the background, sometimes there is a beautiful ethnic vocal of a Jasmine Kissel.

Maybe it’s a joke? Approximately this was reflected in the German section of Warner, when a request came from Russia for a disk two years ago, in Germany itself, by the way, never came out. The Germans reacted with sympathy to the delusional idea of ​​their Moscow colleagues and generously presented the rights to publish the album. Almost immediately, Wise Hand came in second place in Soyuz sales, surpassing Cher, Britney Spears and Jerry Halliwell. More bought only Ricky Martin. And this is with no advertising support anywhere, anyway. It seems that this is the case when the fate of the drummers is not achieved in the marketing departments, but in some other, higher spheres. The Germans did not even guess the melody, but its archetype. What the Russian audience dreamed of, but was afraid to ask.

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Whether it’s worth talking about – this kind of music is done by sorcerers. Do not be surprised by the sudden visions that accompany the audition of “Marrakesch”. Even if the creators have for certain studied the musical traditions of the countries of the world, but one education can not explain the magical effect that their so-called pop-world music renders. You’ll take a disc in your hands, and then nothing depends on you. If you do not turn it off immediately, you will not turn it off. It is worth listening to very little, and the music will drag you into such unknown depths, into such comprehensive reflections that you will forget about who you are in this life. Lovely girls of French, Indian and Greek women, who sang so sweetly in “Manschoud“, “Safi“, “Ai Dis“, which of you is now so desperately weeping in “Spirit”? And what is the name of that strange dream, which you sink after “L’Amor Indra”? The heart breaks at the moment when the disc in the player stops. Or is it because the moon came out from behind the clouds?


01. Wise Hand – Manschoud.mp3
02. Wise Hand – Timeless.mp3
03. Wise Hand – Safi.mp3
04. Wise Hand – People.mp3
05. Wise Hand – Marrakesch.mp3
06. Wise Hand – Ai Dis.mp3
07. Wise Hand – Spirit.mp3
08. Wise Hand – Good Bye.mp3
09. Wise Hand – L’Amor Indra.mp3
10. Wise Hand – Midnight.mp3

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