A.J. Asiain – Un Viaje Hacia La Calma Y Las Emociones

A.J. Asiain - Un Viaje Hacia la Calma y las Emociones

A.J. Asiain – Un Viaje Hacia la Calma y las Emociones

A very gentle album from the series Musica Para Sumergirse Dentro (Music for immersion) from the Spanish composer with the stammering name of Antonio Jesus. Synthesized from the lingering atmospheric backgrounds, the sounds of a flute and a harp soothing album. In some places it is animating, sometimes soporific. Good work for relaxation and meditation.

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Antonio Jesus Asiain (born Antonio Jesus Asiain was born in the city of Corellia, in the north of Spain). He composes music for relaxation and therapeutic therapy. From an early age, Antonio showed great interest in music and developed his potential by studying academic music in various conservatories in Spain, in piano, music theory, transposition and accompaniment. After training, Antonio taught at various music schools in Navarra. In his musical health courses, he focused on relaxation techniques, guided imagination, color therapy, breathing, and mind control techniques to relieve anxiety, anxiety and nervousness … Currently, Antonio is still immersed in studies of the therapeutic use of music in combination with color therapy, aromatherapy and therapeutic massage …


1. A.J.Asiain — Cerca del Arroyo I.mp3
2. A.J.Asiain — Cerca del Arroyo II.mp3
3. A.J.Asiain — Cerca del Arroyo III.mp3
4. A.J.Asiain — Landscapes Harp.mp3
5. A.J.Asiain — Muladhara.mp3
6. A.J.Asiain — Svadisthana.mp3
7. A.J.Asiain — Manipura.mp3
8. A.J.Asiain — Anahata.mp3
9. A.J.Asiain — Vishudda.mp3
10. A.J.Asiain — Ajna.mp3
11. A.J.Asiain — Sahasrara Night Tale.mp3
12. A.J.Asiain — Omm Thasideleek.mp3

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