Twins In Mind – Sad In Joy

Twins In Mind – Sad In Joy

This music will appeal to all fans of the project Enigma Michael Cretu. You will hear here mystical voices, mysterious vocals, unusual sound effects and Gregorian chants. Two friends Adriaan Baussens (Belgium) and Ioannis Sioutis (Greece) met through the Internet, and as a result, a new musical project Twins in the Mind came into being.

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Twins in Mind started in 2008 when met each other on the Enigma Forum. Twins in Mind: the name says it all, people with the same mind, same feelings and thoughts, although all members of TIM (twins in mind) have a different cultural background. In 2009 Twins in Mind met Don Longton, a Canadian talent and asked Don to be part of TIM. He made the amazing song Timeless Moments which shows his ability to print his own stamp on TIM.


01. TWINS IN MIND – Intro.mp3
02. TWINS IN MIND – I Hear Your Voice.mp3
03. TWINS IN MIND – Fallacy Of Faith.mp3
04. TWINS IN MIND – Sad In Joy.mp3
05. TWINS IN MIND – Where Do We Go From Here.mp3
06. TWINS IN MIND – Beyond Vision.mp3
07. TWINS IN MIND – Breathing Sunlight.mp3
08. TWINS IN MIND – Whispered Lullaby.mp3
09. TWINS IN MIND – Eternal Fantasy.mp3
10. TWINS IN MIND – Floating Clouds.mp3
11. TWINS IN MIND – The Nighttime.mp3
12. TWINS IN MIND – About Us.mp3
13. Sad In Joy (continuous DJ mix by Twins In Mind).mp3
14. TWINS IN MIND – Fallacy Of Faith (Cammiloo remix).mp3
15. TWINS IN MIND – Beyond Vision (Cammiloo remix).mp3
16. TWINS IN MIND – Whispered Lullaby (Cammiloo remix).mp3
17. TWINS IN MIND – Eternal Fantasies (Cammiloo remix).mp3
18. TWINS IN MIND – Sad About You (Cammiloo remix).mp3

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