Thione Diop — Kham Saa Thiosanne (West African Rythms on the Djembe Drum)

Thione Diop – Kham Saa Thiosanne (2002)

Thione Diop is a popular Senegalese drummer on the Djembe Drum, a recognized virtuoso of performance on this kind of drums. In this album you will hear the popular rhythms of Mali, Senegal, Guinea and the Gambia. On some tracks there is a traditional West African female vocals.

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01. Thione Diop – Drum Call.mp3
02. Thione Diop – Kotoba.mp3
03. Thione Diop – Djan.mp3
04. Thione Diop – Karoninka.mp3
05. Thione Diop – Wango.mp3
06. Thione Diop – Diba.mp3
07. Thione Diop – Mendiani.mp3
08. Thione Diop – Dunun Gbe.mp3
09. Thione Diop – Timini.mp3
10. Thione Diop – Sunu.mp3
11. Thione Diop – Tiriba.mp3

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Djembe Drum

Djembe is a West African drum in the form of a cup with an open narrow bottom and a wide top, on which a membrane of leather is stretched – most often goat. In form refers to the so-called goblet drums, on sound formation – to membrane membranes. Play the Djembe with your hands. Previously unknown to the West, since its “discovery” it has gained immense popularity. They play the Djembe with both hands. The main sound is three: low kick (bass), high (tone) and slap-ringing (slap). The player is standing, while the drum is suspended on a special belt or placed on a special rack. On a small Djembe you can play and sitting, while the base of the drum is clamped between the legs. Some just sit on a tool lying on the ground, but there is a lot of criticism towards this game: the tool is not designed for the weight of a person sitting on it and can begin to crack, with rope adjustment ropes can be damaged by rubbing against the ground, dust and sand can get inside the drum and damage the membrane over time. Often desserts are attached to the Djembe – special plates with rings that tinkle when playing.

Playing on a Djembe requires a skilful alternation of focus and diffusion of the impact force by hand: for high and low strikes, tension is necessary, for slapping – relaxation of the brush. Traditional rhythms are played with the help of the palms; Many people bring the game with their fingers using rolls, membrane friction, clicks, etc.

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