Thierry David – Ocean Rhapsody (2008)

Thierry David was born in Paris and graduated from the prestigious business college. Music interested him since childhood, but for the parents all this was nothing more than just an entertaining hobby. It often happens that not all authors and composers have the opportunity to completely surrender to their favorite work (study music and practice) – from an early age. However, by will of fate for many years, Thierry David went to South America, in Peru. This was precisely the factor that allowed the composer to completely immerse himself in music. Studying the musical traditions of the local population, practicing some jazz directions, Thierry releases his first album. In the future, the collaboration with Claude Schallé made Thierry popular in the circle of the Buddha Bar Club.

Thierry David – Ocean Rhapsody

Enchanting and relaxing melodies with subtle lounge grooves. This electronic album in high quality illustrates the composer’s skills in the field of light electronic music and music in the style of New Age. The album is very gentle and calm, soft rhythms are shrouded in shy key strokes. This unobtrusive music without words, which you can do anything.

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  • 01. Thierry David – Waves of Bliss.mp3
  • 02. Thierry David – Aquamarine.mp3
  • 03. Thierry David – Ocean rhapsody.mp3
  • 04. Thierry David – Lost Atlantis.mp3
  • 05. Thierry David – Never let her go.mp3
  • 06. Thierry David – Dolphin serenade.mp3
  • 07. Thierry David – Rumors.mp3
  • 08. Thierry David – Siren Island.mp3
  • 09. Thierry David – The ghost vessel.mp3
  • 10. Thierry David – Blue Lullaby.mp3

Bitrate: 320 kbps
Package size: 130 Mb
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