Tarika – Son Egal (Music of Madagascar)

Tarika - Son Egal

Tarika – Son Egal

As always, I do not know about interesting events in the field of ethnic music. It so happened that I did not even know that in the distant 1997 in America and Europe everyone was listening to the amazingly winding album of the ensemble from Madagascar. This album was published at a time when the Western world was already fully acquainted with Deep Forest and other interesting projects, but nobody could ignore such incendiary music.

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This album is not just field recordings, or abstract arrangements of pro-Western composers on abundant ethnic material – this is the very life of Madagascar. And it’s not for nothing that the authors of the project have made quite interesting studies of the most problematic periods of the country’s history, connected with the influence of Senegal. It so happened that the invited musicians from Senegal, together with the band Tarika, created this masterpiece of all. Everyone reconciled the joy and fun that permeated almost all the songs from this album.

Tarika (Malagasy for “group”) is a musical group from Madagascar. The group’s predecessor, Tarika Sammy, formed in the 1980s, but as Tarika they debuted in 1993. At that point they had relocated to London. Their second album Son Egal was a collaboration with Senegal musicians and dealt with the 1947 Malagasy Uprising in Madagascar.

Otherwise, much of Tarika’s music is based on musical tradition; for example, the album D focused on dance music. Their 2001 album Soul Makassar dealt with the musical connections between Indonesia and Madagascar.

Tarika is led by two sisters, Hanitra and Noro. Hanitra has engaged in creating an arts center in recent years. In 2001, TIME magazine included Tarika in a list of the “10 best bands on planet Earth”.


01. Tarika – Tsy Kivy.mp3
02. Tarika – Avelo.mp3
03. Tarika – Voandalana.mp3
04. Tarika – Zotra.mp3
05. Tarika – Sonegaly.mp3
06. Tarika – Rafrancois.mp3
07. Tarika – Vavaka.mp3
08. Tarika – Ady.mp3
09. Tarika – Sento.mp3
10. Tarika – Raha Tiany.mp3
11. Tarika – Forever.mp3
12. Tarika – Diso Be.mp3
13. Tarika – Aza Misy Miteniteny.mp3

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