Slavik Kemmler – Close to Heaven

Slavik… Kemmler – Close to Heaven (1995)

Compositions from the album “Close To Heaven” released in Germany in 1994 firmly established themselves in all sorts of compilations and collections of enigmatic music. The main ideologist of the duet “Andi Slavik & Susanne Kemmler” is the “motor” of the techno-pop project “Hubert KaH” – the vocalist, keyboardist and author of the texts Hubert Kemmler. The debut single “Close To Heaven“, was recorded by Hubert Kemmler and Slavik Kemmler, during the preparation for the recording of the album “Hubert KaH”. The single of the duet “Andi Slavik & Susanne Kemmler” was released in 1994 on the label “MCA”. The music was written by a team of the composers: Andi Slavik, Hubert Kemmler, and the text by Susanne and Hubert.

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The album itself turned out to be very “enigmatic”, the instrumental parts familiar to Enigma project, Susan Kemmler’s pleasant mysterious vocals, ethnic voices, Indian dances and singing, created something in common with popular music of the 80’s and ethnic music in the mystic tone of Enigmatics.

Besides “Indian Spirits” there are 2 more singles: The title song (a bit like “Indian spirits” with vocals) and “Will I be faithful?“. They were knit as pop songs and sung by Susanne Kemmler. There are two more pop songs: The Sally Oldfield cover “Summer of love“. A single from ’94 and “Believe In Your Dreams!” poduced by Hubert Kah and Armand Volker. The last mentioned songs are the highlights of the album for me, but unfortunately they were not released as a single.


01. Slavik Kemmler – Indian Spirits .mp3
02. Slavik Kemmler – Close To Heaven .mp3
03. Slavik Kemmler – Can You Heal Me.mp3
04. Slavik Kemmler – Believe In Your Dreams.mp3
05. Slavik Kemmler – Escape.mp3
06. Slavik Kemmler – Summer Of Love.mp3
07. Slavik Kemmler – Wrong Or Right.mp3
08. Slavik Kemmler – Will I Be Faithful.mp3
09. Slavik Kemmler – Indian Spirit Reprise.mp3
10. Slavik Kemmler – Jonas Song.mp3

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