Shiva Rea – Jala

Shiva Rea – Jala

A mixture of various electronic music with elements of oriental acoustic instruments. This disc is well placed in public halls, reception rooms, or use it under the background to create a youthful and at the same time slightly refined environment.

Shiva Rea are producers of a special series of DVD discs for various exercises and yoga exercises. They themselves pick and compose a kind of special collections of music in the style of the Lounge, Chill Out and Ambient. This collection is distinguished by its orientation towards oriental motifs (India, Goa).

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01. Om Prelude – Daphne Tse And Matt Pszonak.mp3
02. Nomad – Niraj Chag.mp3
03. Madrugada 8 – Twinkle Engine.mp3
04. Duality – Tumbara.mp3
05. Neptune – Alcyone.mp3
06. Infusion (Bombay Mix) – Adham Shaikh.mp3
07. Warm Fuzzy – Alcyone.mp3
08. Sringara – Illumine.mp3
09. Crossing The Desert (Remember Light Remix) – Desert Dwellers.mp3
10. Earth – Uwe Neumann.mp3
11. Remembrance – Benjy Wertheimer.mp3
12. Om Shanti – Daphne Tse And Matt Pszonak.mp3

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Package size: 101 Mb
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