Pacific Moon – Samurai Collection

Pacific Moon – Samurai Collection

From Japan, with its SAMURAI culture – a culture of a distinct spirit and philosophy – comes music expressive of the Japanese sense of aesthetics. This compilation album by PACIFIC MOON features a rich assortment of traditional musical instruments from Japan. Thundering taiko drums, sweeping shakuhachi flutes, rhythmic Buddhist chants, and meditative koto harp… Enter the passionate and mystical realm of the SAMURAI.

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Samurai Collection presents us with some of the best Pacific Moon has to offer. This mixed disk focuses on Japanese Flute, Asian Drumming and also includes a vocal track by Eri Sugai. The pieces are chosen for their emotional draw. The drumming tracks are vibrant and forceful contrasting the flute tracks which, while still powerful, are more subtle yet skillfully done. Neither lacks power and effectively stands up to each other. The titles chose are interesting as well. They draw upon the imagery of Japan, as in ‘Wings of the Eagle’, or the simple elegance of nature as in ‘Winter Dance’. We see through the eyes of the artist their impressions of their homeland, from the spirituality presented in ‘The Lucky Spirit’ and the vocal sampling in ‘Konjaku Monogatari’ by Eri Sugai, to the day to day visuals in ‘Wooden Ship’. While some pieces show definite western influence, there are some very traditional pieces. ‘First Image’ is a solo Koto performance in the traditional style, invoking very strong Japanese imagery.


01. Uttara Kuru – Wings of the Eagle
02. Kiyoshi Yoshida – Rising Sun
03. Uttara Kuru – Winter Dance
04. Uttara Kuru – First Image
05. Kiyoshi Yoshida – Flowers
06. Kiyoshi Yoshida – The Lucky Spirit
07. Uttara Kuru – Neyuki
08. Kiyoshi Yoshida – Forest
09. Uttara Kuru – Tsugaru
10. Kiyoshi Yoshida – Midare Uchi
11. Eri Sugai – Konjaku Monogatari
12. Uttara Kuru – Wooden Ship

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