Samite – Embalasasa (smooth african music & rythms from Uganda)

Samite plays a rare and interesting instrument of Kalimba or Mbira, which resembles something between pianoforte and xylophone. His music seems African, and at the same time it seems a little Western. This manner he adheres to in his work. All the tracks on the album with his vocals seem very sincere, as if come out of the depths of the heart. In the musician’s work, one feels a love for his native country and attention to its numerous problems, such as AIDS.

Samite - Embalasasa

Samite – Embalasasa

Embalasasa is a very interesting lizard with pronounced color stripes. She is so beautiful that I want to approach her and touch her. But touching can cost you life, because it is very poisonous. Focusing his attention on this phenomenon and painfully contemplating the death of many of his compatriots from AIDS, Samite once again tries to convey to listeners a simple and uncomplicated truth – the appearance is deceptive.

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This album, which, like other albums of the author, is adorned with his virtuosic Kalimba play, and also accompanies his vocals – light, gentle, very close, absolutely not sharp, but rather heartfelt and perhaps a bit sad. All this helps the listener to enter the world of the author and his country without hindrance.


01. Samite – Embalasasa.mp3
02. Samite – Olusoka.mp3
03. Samite – Nawe Okiwulira.mp3
04. Samite – Kakokolo.mp3
05. Samite – Look For The Sunset.mp3
06. Samite – We Can Do Better.mp3
07. Samite – Nalubale.mp3
08. Samite – Not Alone.mp3
09. Samite – Olugendo.mp3
10. Samite – Setula.mp3

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Samite was born and raised in Uganda, where his grandfather taught him to play the traditional flute. His primary schooling was within the King’s Courtyard where the royal musicians played for the King. That daily influence permanently instilled within young Samite, the rhythms and patterns of the traditional music of his people the Baganda. Recognizing his talents, a high school teacher in Kampala put a western flute in his hands putting him on the path to become one of the most highly acclaimed flutists in East Africa.

In 1982 he fled to Kenya as a political refugee. Increasingly drawn to instruments and rhythms from the traditional Ugandan music scene, he eventually played solo at the Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nairobi. Delivering his mellifluous vocals in his mother tongue, Luganda, he mesmerized audiences with original compositions played on kalimba (finger-piano), marimba (wooden xylophone), litungu (seven-stringed Kenyan instrument) and various flutes; traditional and western.

Immigrating to the United States in 1987, Samite became a recording artist. His current CD, EMBALASASA, from Triloka Records, will be released February 28, 2006.

Samite has also appeared live on the nationally syndicated radio program Echoes, as well as WFMU (Hoboken, NJ), KUNC (Greeley, CO) and WNYC (New York, NY).

In addition to Samite’s musical career, he is the founder of the non-profit organization, Musicians for World Harmony, whose mission is to enable musicians throughout the world to share their music to promote peace, understanding and harmony among peoples, with a special emphasis on the displaced or the distressed who could benefit most from the healing power of music.

One of Samite’s goals is to open peoples’ minds and hearts to the common threads of human concerns, conveying optimism through stories and song.

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