Rahim Alhaj – Home Again (2008)

Рахим Альхадж - Возвращение домой

Rahim Alhaj – Home Again

A very beautiful, slightly sad and sad instrumental album with a play on the traditional oriental instrument – Oud from Rahim Alhaj, dedicated to his return to his homeland after a very long forced residing in another country. Rahim returned to Baghdad, Iraq after the war took the lives of his friends and relatives. The country has changed a lot during this time, and his sadness and joy, filled with heart filled this beautiful ethnic album.

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This is the most recent of Rahim Alhaj’s CD (released after his Grammy nomination for best World Music CD) and is a beautiful and unique musical story of his first trip back to Baghdad, Iraq after 13 years in exile. His contemporary compositions, rooted in traditional Iraqi rhythms and modes show a masterly ability to communicate a wide range of emotions and moods including deep connection to his mother (Closeness), sorrow for American pain and loss after 9-11 (Gray Morning), horror at a close cousin’s death in Iraq (Qassim), Compassion for all living beings modeled on Far Eastern styling, Tango rhythm and connection to a new favorite tree in a new homeland (Oak) and cowboy blues combined with Oriental structure (Baghdad, New Mexico). As always, I found myself whisked away by the power and intimacy of his music. Rahim’s very personal liner notes about each composition and personal story add a special touch.

Home Again is about the longed-for journey that I undertook in February, 2004 after the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. It was a journey back to my homeland of Iraq and my family home in Baghdad after 13 years of exile in Jordan, Syria, and the United States. During this first leg of the journey, “going home”, I spent one wonderful and terrible month in an Iraq that I couldn’t recognize; an Iraq destroyed by the two Gulf Wars and by the intervening years of harsh sanctions. People and places dear to me were either palpably damaged or completely destroyed. I learned of my father’s death since I had left, as well as the destruction of my beloved Baghdad Institute of Music where I had studied under the great Munir Bashir. I also spent infinitely precious times with my dear mother and sisters and brothers, nephews and nieces and friends. These were times of healing and reconnecting – of sharing their pain and dreams and lives again. And then it was time to say good-bye, wonder who I would never see again (my mother died a few months after I left) and come “home again” to my dearly loved, newly-adopted home of Albuquerque, New Mexico” – Rahim Alhaj


01. Rahim Alhaj – Closeness.mp3
02. Rahim Alhaj – Iraqi Lullaby.mp3
03. Rahim Alhaj – Oak.mp3
04. Rahim Alhaj – Gray Morning.mp3
05. Rahim Alhaj – Qassam.mp3
06. Rahim Alhaj – Compassion (For Jackie & Michael).mp3
07. Rahim Alhaj – Trip.mp3
08. Rahim Alhaj – Fly Away.mp3
09. Rahim Alhaj – Baghdat , New Mexico.mp3

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