Putumayo – Asian Lounge

Putumayo – Asian Lounge

A really beautiful album of measured music, recorded using various electronic technologies and traditional musical instruments of the East. This album is primarily adorned with tracks by such artists as Prem Joshua, Manish Vyas, Deepak Chopra, Ancient Future and Viddu Orchestra. All these authors deserve attention and detailed consideration of their creativity, and the guys from Putumayo chose for this album the most lounging tracks of these performers. Therefore, the music here really deserves attention and fully corresponds to both the declared direction and the high musical taste of Putumayo.

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1 Yoshida Brothers • Fukaki Umi No Kanata • (Japan)
2 Nitin Sawhney • Koyal • (India/UK)
3 Ancient Future • Ja Nam • (USA)
4 Deepak Chopra • Oceans of Ecstasy • (India)
5 Blue Asia feat. Yoichi Ikeda • Campuhan • (Japan)
6 Bali Lounge • Angels of the Island • (Indonesia)
7 Natarj XT • Space in… • (France)
8 Prem Joshua • Funky Guru • (Germany)
9 Biddu Orchestra • Eastern Journey • (India/UK)
10 Prem Joshua & Manish Vyas • Water Down the Ganges • (India)
11 Xcultures feat. Marisa Kosugi • Dreams of Happiness • (USA/Japan)

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