Phil Thornton – Initiation

Ever since first coming into contact with the Didgeridoo around 1985, (at my first solo live performance) I had wanted to record an album like this! The chance came when Steve turned up at a Mandragora gig in Brighton, the timing was perfect as New World were becoming more open to ‘world music’ influences, and I had by then established a good enough reputation to try something new. This album marks a definite turning point in my music, leading to some great gigs and exciting new musical directions.

Phil Thornton

Phil Thornton – Initiation

Authentic and powerful, Initiation weaves the haunting voice of whales and birds into the strong, mellow Dreamworld of the didgeridoo. From the fascinating and earthy sounds of this most basic of natural instruments to the superb complexity of modern keyboards, we are enmeshed in a world of compelling imagination. This is a genuinely unforgettable venture deep into the realm of a spiritual initiation.

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1. Guiding Light
2. Initiation
3. Submission
4. New Life

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Phil Thornton – Recorders, e-bow guitar, sticks, tibetan bells, animal sounds and synthesiser. Steven Cragg – Didgeridoo, harmonic chanting, talking drum, sticks, hand bells and animal sounds. Composed by Phil Thornton and Steven Cragg. Produced, engineered and programmed by Phil Thornton.

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I am glad to present on this site my collection of music in the Worldmusic, Enigmatic, Chillout style, and also my interesting serial collections of electronic music such as Buddha Bar, Cafe del Mar, and other

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