Phil Thornton – Dreamscapes

A beautiful Indian flute, guitar parts, interesting dynamic rhythms and vice versa – light and meditative keys – all this in the hands of a talented composer becomes a mystical and brooding canvas of beautiful music.

Phil Thornton - Dreamscapes

Phil Thornton – Dreamscapes

This easy and thoughtful album of instrumental music can be included in the background so that it is not boring to engage in creativity or work, and also in those cases when you want to get away from the bustle and think about something important. The presence of flute, guitar, some electronic instruments and rhythms in Phil Thornton does not contradict each other, but on the contrary, they look quite appropriate and organically intertwine into one elegant wave of music.

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1. Phil Thornton – Eagle Dream.mp3
2. Phil Thornton – In Search of Avalon.mp3
3. Phil Thornton – Edge of Dreams.mp3
4. Phil Thornton – Desert Dream.mp3
5. Phil Thornton – A Traveller’s Dream.mp3
6. Phil Thornton – Arcadia.mp3
7. Phil Thornton – Forest Pathways.mp3
8. Phil Thornton – A Lover’s Dream.mp3

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Nicholas Wilson
I am glad to present on this site my collection of music in the Worldmusic, Enigmatic, Chillout style, and also my interesting serial collections of electronic music such as Buddha Bar, Cafe del Mar, and other

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