Pacific Moon – Tone

This collection is made up of compositions by different performers, but they are united by one style and manner of performance. It can not be said that this is a collection of purely traditional music, nor can it be said that this is solid electronics. Is this an extremely successful combination of age-old musical traditions and modern technologies, or simply the skill of Japanese composers – this must to be determined by a listener.


Pacific Moon – Tone

A traveler’s straw sandals tread the ground powerfully walking on the mountain path. “How many ri (equivalent of 2.44 miles) have I walked today?” The traveler finally reaches the mountain pass. Perspiration rises lightly on his forehead, and the flag advertising dumplings catches his eye. He looks up and there is Mt. Fuji rising before him…

Tone has an original world view and their music may vividly evoke a nostalgic scene like the above. It would be something right out of Ando Hirohigeos wood block prints, “Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido Road”.

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Each of the traveler’s sturdy step on the mountain path translates as each sound woven by Tone. Tone uses the traditional instruments of Japan, but the performers are not bound with the traditional playing techniques, as to make the instruments sound “just like a Shakuhachi or Sou should sound like”. They have continued to create their music focused on each sound, rather than on the performance method. That is why, although the band is composed simply of Shakuhachi, Sou and Guitar, there is a rich roundness to their sounds as if cells of sounds are propagating and a feeling of expansion evocative of an orchestra.


01 (Shiosai) The Sound of the Sea.mp3
02 (Ryusui) Flowing Water.mp3
03 (Toge) The Mountain Pass.mp3
04 (Mori) Forest.mp3
05 Tono II.mp3
06 (Yukigeshiki) Snowscape.mp3
07 (Akanegumo) Dark Red Clouds.mp3
08 (Kodo) Old Road.mp3
09 (Inori) Prayer.mp3

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  1. Gilbert March 24, 2018 18:38

    The link to download is bad (404)

    • Aiko Mori March 24, 2018 21:57

      Thank you, Gilbert. Please, check this link again.

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