Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan – Alif: Love Supreme

Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan - Alif Love Supreme

Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan – Alif: Love Supreme

A very colorful album of Islamic music of the Mediterranean performed by such famous masters of ethnic music as Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Steve Shehan, José Antonio Rodriguez, as well as many other musicians from Greece, Israel, Persia, Bulgaria, Spain. This work is a skilful combination of traditional musical instruments (Udd, Darbuka, Sagata, Nai, Eve, etc., vocal recordings, and local musical traditions).

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Alef – denotes the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, and also means the first letter in the name of Allah. This album is a series of deep spiritual songs based on poems and poems of ancient Sufis (a special spiritual chain in Islam, characterized by deeper spiritual practices of purification and development of virtues under the guidance of a murshid (spiritual mentor)).


01. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Dulger.mp3
02. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Gardener.mp3
03. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Laundry Girl.mp3
04. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Dark Eyes.mp3
05. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Shinanay.mp3
06. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – On’t Cry My Love.mp3
07. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Alif.mp3
08. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Dadash.mp3
09. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Take A Flight.mp3
10. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Ya Bouy Al Atrash.mp3
11. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Lachin.mp3

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