Nikola Parov – Álomidő (2010)

Nikola Parov – Álomidő (2010)

The album of the Hungarian multi-instrumentalist of Bulgarian origin Nikola Parov sounds very impressive. There are also mystical compositions in the Enigmatic style, and dancing with the usual boldness of the Balkan people, lyrical lingering songs, sad and sad melodies with the participation of violin and duduk, and finally the unexpected pacifying sounds of the pianoforte. A unique mixture of different cultures and styles, but the mixture is very juicy, interesting, exciting.

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Nikola was born in Bulgaria, but then moved with his parents to Hungary. Love for music awakened the boy in his very childhood, and in his youth he already creates his first musical ensembles. Nikola is very fond of traveling and exploring different musical cultures and traditions. On this album, a variety of instruments and cultures are woven together, but Hungarian folk songs are all taken as a basis.


01. Nikola Parov – Megérkezés.mp3
02. Nikola Parov – Kinyíltazég.mp3
03. Nikola Parov – Oynanananare.mp3
04. Nikola Parov – Amarisi.mp3
05. Nikola Parov – Angyaltánc.mp3
06. Nikola Parov – Öljmeg.mp3
07. Nikola Parov – Szerelemkert.mp3
08. Nikola Parov – Sibaba.mp3
09. Nikola Parov – Taytarattatayta.mp3
10. Nikola Parov – Vayan.mp3
11. Nikola Parov – Adieuamor.mp3
12. Nikola Parov – Diavole.mp3
13. Nikola Parov – Opium.mp3
14. Nikola Parov – Kikvogymuk.mp3
15. Nikola Parov – Tyúkudvar.mp3
16. Nikola Parov – -Karadzsam.mp3
17. Nikola Parov – Aztálmodtam.mp3
18. Nikola Parov – Felébredés.mp3

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