Mind over Matter – Indian Meditation

Mind over Matter – Indian Meditation

This project Mind over Matter originated in the mid-80s. Its author is Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, a pretty successful rock musician in Germany. The idea of ​​creating the project came on a new and popular wave of New Age music in the whole world. Klaus wanted to create something completely new and unusual by that time – an electronic synthesis of music from the West and the East, with various samples, vocals from Nepal, India, Thailand and Malaysia along with a high-quality electronic substrate on the synthesizer. For the project, the following authors were invited: Peter Jörgens (tabla), Heinz Weidenbrück (bass guitar and keys). The works of the project Mind over Matter and Klaus Hoffmann-Hook are interesting to fans primarily because of the German school of electronic music, and music lovers New Age and Ambient will find in this project a lot of melodies for their inspiration.

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A beautiful album of electronic music with beautiful cosmic sounds and an ethnic oriental shade of India, with its charm and charm. The German school of electronic music is primarily a quality performance, talented, harmonious combination of textures, samples, vocals.

The album was released in 2005, light, swaying on the waves of ethnic instruments, this album completely immerses the listener in the mysterious world of the East. It is suitable for relaxation or relaxation, or for escorting in cafes and spas, and also listeners can use it to create a special creative atmosphere. Perhaps the mysterious rhythms of Klaus Hoffmann-Hook seem to some listeners a wonderful accompaniment for meditation or practicing yoga.


01. Mind over Matter – Brahman.mp3
02. Mind over Matter – Mahatma.mp3
03. Mind over Matter – Varanasi Morning.mp3
04. Mind over Matter – La Vie.mp3
05. Mind over Matter – Mountains Of Karma.mp3
06. Mind over Matter – Sri Ram.mp3
07. Mind over Matter – Northstar.mp3
08. Mind over Matter – The Silence.mp3

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