Martian – Flying in Love

Music with the weakening and easy sounding. In an album the tools and receptions characteristic of electronic music (new age), but without the ethnic direction are combined, compositions are characterized, the slow rate, use of lungs and the melodies lightening the mood. This music most of all is suitable for a relaxation, contemplation, meditation and stimulation of a creative power.

In this album “Martian” often addresses subjects of wildlife and self-knowledge. The modal consonance harmony is generally used. Rate of all compositions is small: music sounds smoothly, relaxedly; however, isn’t purely background.

Martian – Flying in Love

Overall this album has no lyrics and has a very relaxing atmosphere. The piano and rhythmic beat is a little overplayed, and in my honest opinion a few too many of its rehashes were made in this album. That being said, however, certain tracks here were stunning masterpieces of composed synthetic music, using a variety of synthetic instruments to create never before heard sounds that trigger deep emotions when heard. The fact that there are no lyrics means that emotions are universal, absolutely amazing album!

This album is heavily related to technosonics because of the enormous variety of synthetic and rhythm, mixing the old with the new to create something never before heard. They cleverly use many effects in an algorithmic way, and that very algorithmic method of producing these sounds is what gives this album a slightly repetitive combination of piano and beats. Most of their tracks can be listened to online for free. Would definitely recommend!

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01. Martian – To You.mp3
02. Martian – Crying Heart.mp3
03. Martian – Like in a Movie.mp3
04. Martian – Night Rain.mp3
05. Martian – August Night.mp3
06. Martian – Don’t Cry.mp3
07. Martian – Sad Memories.mp3
08. Martian – Tears of my Soul.mp3
09. Martian – Without You.mp3
10. Martian – Goodbye.mp3

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1. To You 6:06

The beginning is a mix of trance and piano, very melodic intro as it picks up to a higher pitch. Now it drops down to a very nice breakdown of a rhythm and a solo trance pluck, building up a clap as it increases, then adding another layer. The final mix of everything combined is very melodic and if you concentrate hard enough you can hear each individual element. Now it is towards the end and stops quite abruptly.

2. Crying Heart 4:38

Guitar pluck intro with reverb on, picks up on the melody as it transitions to a phone call. This part is slightly annoying as it keeps on ringing and getting the automated error response. The beat picks up now and the song is quite slow, too slow. The piano here feels very sad and overall this song is too sad and slow for my liking.

3. Like in a Movie 4:00

Amazing piece, I love it! Although I could only hear a small sample of it.

4. Night Rain 6:29

Solo piano intro, you can hear the background picking up, the beats in, and everything’s coming in once in a while. The beat is full force now, and so is the melody, change in beat, change in melody, very nice so far as it picks up to a flute solo, the beat still in tact. Now some trance mixed in, the piano taking over the melody. This goes on for the entire track, very nice solo use and phasing effects later, enhancing the beat and trance elements.

5. August Night 6:00

Slow beat pick up, very high pitched sounds, solo beat, background kicking in, piano solo again. The piano beat combination is being overplayed in this album.

6. Don’t Cry 6:02

Synthetic choir intro, very nice as a loopy sound drops over, another piano solo with beat kicks in. This is getting to be too much.

7. Sad Memories 5:34

Slow piano solo intro, quite sad piece, interesting how a piece of music can make someone actually feel sad. Now it goes into a deep synth choir and a catchy beat, almost like a renewal of hope, things pick up very nicely. The piano comes back full force, not as sad as before, and making its way through, not stopping at anything, until the some kind of jazzy trance synth solo picks up, now a synth guitar, its amazing how many synth instruments are used in this piece. The piano comes back, and its a little bit sadder, eventually becoming just the piano and the beat, then just the beat as the background builds up very nicely. Wow this beat solo is very catchy and nice, the piano is back full force and its amazing how this piece was put together. The mix of emotions that it gives off is refreshing, I hope to listen to it again!

8. Tears of my Soul 6:30

Similar to the previous reviews, consisting of a piano and beat.

9. Without You 5:55
10. Goodbye

Synth choir with a wind intro, a little drum beat, a flute, then the piano again. The beat solos, the background brightens, the melody picks up at a higher pitch, the combination doesn’t work as effectively now that Sad Memories was heard.

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