Mars Lasar – Tahoe Spirit (Musical trip to Lake Tahoe in California)

Mars Lasar – Tahoe Spirit

Very colorful work of Mars Lazar & David Rose. A wooden Indian flute (David), beautiful guitar chords in the spirit of the soundtracks Gustavo Santoalalia (Blue Mountain OST), relaxing electronic substrate (Mars Lazar) – all this is just a great gift for all music lovers.

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Filled with the atmosphere of a mysterious and beautiful place on the planet – Lake Tahoe in California (on the site of the settlement of the ancient tribe of North American Indians Vasho), this album will greatly enhance any music library.

I want to thank Mars for the good work that was published relatively recently. The musical talent of the composer here is revealed to 100%. Those who want to listen to other compositions of the author can visit his channel on YouTube.

Lake Tahoe is a very beautiful high mountain lake with crystal clear water, located on the border of the states of Nevada and California. The width of the lake is 19 km, the length is 35 km. Water in Lake Tahoe does not freeze all year round.


01. Mars Lasar – Tahoe Legend.mp3
02. Mars Lasar – The Great Spirit.mp3
03. Mars Lasar – Alpine Meadows.mp3
04. Mars Lasar – Washo Woman.mp3
05. Mars Lasar – Wild Horses.mp3
06. Mars Lasar – Chief Big Eagle.mp3
07. Mars Lasar – Lake in the Sky.mp3
08. Mars Lasar – Medicine Man.mp3
09. Mars Lasar – Emerald Bay.mp3
10. Mars Lasar – Ancient Woman.mp3

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