Marcus Viana – Poemas Misticos Do Oriente

Marcus Viana is a Brazilian composer who, unlike a large number of composers composing music for famous TV series and movies – does this with a special approach. His music seems to go beyond the ordinary Kinformat and is presented to the listener as a complete musical work. A special manner of performance with the participation of orchestral instruments, makes the works of Marcus classics of contemporary music.

In our country and abroad, the students know the works of Marcus Viana primarily on the famous TV series Clone. In this work Marcus worked with talented vocalist Leticia Sabatella. Therefore it is not at all surprising that, after working together, Marcus decides to invite Letitia to record this interesting collaborative album.

Marcus Viana - Poemas Misticos Do Oriente

Marcus Viana – Poemas Misticos Do Oriente

In this album Marcus and Letizia recorded reading mystical poems from the poetry of Omar Khayyam and Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī. The gentle voice of Letizia is framed by the beautiful, calm and sensitive music of Marcus Viana. All this together gives birth to a beautiful light album in a rather unusual musical format, which pleases the ear and calms.

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1. Rubaiyat I
2. Rubaiyat II
3. A Lua De Tabriz
4. Na Floresta
5. Artista
6. Destino Do Coração
7. Rubaiyat III
8. O Que Não Somos
9. O Mundo Além Das Palavras
10. O Mundo Alem Das Palavras
11. Fica
12. Sama Iii/iv
13. A Hora Da União
14. Mundos Infinitos
15. Do Amor

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