Marco Torrance – Dreamland Society

Marco Torrance – Dreamland Society

Welcome to the Dreamland Society. Marco Torrance’s second album is the follow-up to the epic Reconstructed Moments. Featuring the beautiful vocal artwork of Tiff Lacey and Michelle Richer, and the lush guitar work of Volker Kaufmann, seamlessly fitting in the neverending journey within Marco’s dream. You wish you’d never wake up.

Marco Torrance, aka Marco Tust, is an ambient, chillout and trance musician based in Leipzig, Germany. He was born on January 15, 1981 in Leipzig (German Democratic Republic). Inspired by so called dance-floor era in the early 1990s, Marco began making his first electronic dance music by using simple sample tools and tracker related programs. Finally he found the way to the since then unemployed software synthesizers. Today Marco is a well known artist from the American internet radio station Digitally Imported ( for his mixing series called “Planet Subtraxx“, miscellaneous mixes and events with DJ friends like Miika Kuisma, Jordan Waeles and Systems X9.

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My name is Marco Tust and I was born in 1981 in the former German Democratic Republic. 20 years ago I started producing electronic music. And since 2002 I’m known in the world of music as Marco Torrance. I made my first steps in the music industry at the major label ZYX Music in Germany. Since then I had several releases in the electronic dance music scene. My songs were released as single or on samplers at Sony BMG, Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, Universal Music and many more. In 2013 I started an education as audio engineer at the SAE Institute Leipzig. I gained additional abilities in band recording, post-production, choice and positioning of microphones and working with inline consoles, such as Neve VR Legend. Along the way I gained skills in Avid ProTools, digital mixing consoles and advanced MIDI too. In October 2014 I accomplished my audio engineering diploma.


01. Sandman’s Blues.mp3
02. Oneirology.mp3
03. Underwater Kiss (feat. Michelle Richer).mp3
04. Roofed Wicker Beach Chair.mp3
05. Nordperd Train.mp3
06. The Road (feat. Michelle Richer).mp3
07. Ice Covered June.mp3
08. Uberhuman Floating.mp3
09. Free of Fear (feat. Tiff Lacey).mp3
10. Hidden Affinity.mp3
11. Earth Rising.mp3

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