Existence – Mantras of the World (Margot Reisinger)

Nine contemporary world music compositions based on ancient Mantras from all over the World Discover with Margot Reisinger and her multi cultural project “Existence” a new and powerful interpretation of chant and prayer. Singers and musicians from Nepal, Algeria, Tibet, Poland, Morocco and Portugal have contributed their cultural background to Margot Reisinger’s own style of spiritual world music. Margot has composed nine unique songs on the base of traditional as well as newly arranged mantra texts, interpreted by beautiful vocals and accompanied by choirs, violin, ney, flutes, guitars, piano, sitar, Tibetan horns and cymbals, keyboards, singing bowls, percussion, monochord, drums and more.

Mantras are truly a source of divine energy. Timeless sacred words and tunes that change the climate of the mind and help to move inwards to the source of love and healing. Manifold are the teachings and rituals of the different spiritual and religious traditions of the world. Yet, if we look beyond the variety of names and forms there is one Essence behind, uniting and including all and everything: God, Life, Spirit, Soul, the Self – however we may call it.

This album explores this essence of Mantra and prayer on a journey through the world. Om Mani Padme Hum (Buddhism), Gayatri Mantra (Hinduism), Sancta Maria (Christianism), Hevenu Shalom Aleichem (Judaism), Allah Hay (Islam) – familiar phrases performed in a new, deeply touching way that stay in the mind and in the heart, even when the CD has stopped playing long ago.

Existence – Mantras of the World

I’ve been going to put this cool album out for a long time. To begin with, I will write a little about who composed it:

Probably many are already familiar with the name of Oliver Shanti. This is one of the most successful music artists in my opinion in the New Age and Ethno style (it’s not deservedly on our site, it’s a bit overlooked).

Oliver Shanti was once so popular that his name was used by many interesting musicians, and Oliver himself often presented listeners with some compositions of different performers who were hiding under such a mysterious slogan – Oliver Shanti and Friends.

Now it’s time to disclose the name of Oliver’s closest friend and you can say Oliver’s musical muse is Margot Reisinger (Margot Resinger) – a talented woman whose vocals sound almost on all Oliver’s compositions.

Today I’m posting on your court a very interesting album called Mantras of the World. He is interested in his original idea – to combine in the one audio CD all the most powerful and important mantras of various religions.

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However, a special honor to this album is made by the mantra, which was placed on the first place. This is not an accident, for the Supreme Spirit is the beginning and the end of everything, and His names are Krsna and Rama are the strongest and most recommended for chanting in Kali Yuga; in our time. And I am particularly pleased that Margot tried to emphasize this in her disk.

Attention! This is not an ordinary New Age album. This music has a spiritual impact on you, even if you do not notice anything at first. It sows in your heart the seeds of liberation that will ascend as quickly as your heart is free from sins and materialism.

In addition to the Jaya Rama Krishna mantra, the disc also contains the mantras Omi Mani Padme Hum, Mantras Christian, Mantras Muslim, Mantras of Judah, mantras of Shiva and many others.


01. Existence & Margot Reisinger – Jai Ramakrishna.mp3
02. Existence & Margot Reisinger – Om Mani Padme Hum.mp3
03. Existence & Margot Reisinger – Sancta Maria.mp3
04. Existence & Margot Reisinger – Sri Ananda Ma.mp3
05. Existence & Margot Reisinger – Allah Hay.mp3
06. Existence & Margot Reisinger – Gayatri Mantra.mp3
07. Existence & Margot Reisinger – Jesus Domine.mp3
08. Existence & Margot Reisinger – Shiva Shankara.mp3
09. Existence & Margot Reisinger – Shalom.mp3

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