Maneesh De Moor – Sadhana

Maneesh De Moor – Sadhana (2006)

Stunning in its sensuality and lush with ethereal and earthy rhythms, Sadhana beckons listeners to hear their walls dissolve into an ecstatic awareness of the largeness of life. Here, Dutch keyboardist and composer Maneesh de Moor gathers a circle of musicians from around the globe for ten tracks of ethno-ambient chill/world, meant to serve as “an aphrodisiac to the soul.” Trained as a classical pianist, Maneesh has taken his mastery of sound-synthesis and infused it with the sounds of nature—birdsong, flowing water, crickets in a nighttime soundscape—and the human voice to evoke Sadhana: a contemporary tribute to the spiritual life of devotion and meditation. A former collaborator with Deva Premal, Miten, Sudha, and Prem Joshua, Maneesh de Moor now ventures off to create a sublime and devotional sound all his own. “The music on this CD came through from the Beyond, guided by Spirit. All I had to do was be open and perceptive to it and, of course, record that space, that energy,” says de Moor. The result is Sadhana, a journey into India, Tibet, Yoruba, and Native American and Sufi worlds, to create a space for visions and Oneness.

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Maneesh de Moor is another of those music mystics who tarts up his work with Eastern imagery and metaphysical debris, right down to the hybrid Dutch-Indian name. But when you brush away the verbiage, you’re left with an ambient album that is far more sophisticated than the cosmic clutter would lead you to believe. Eastern sounds abound on Sadhana, although not in the obvious ways you might expect from the Sanskrit title, which means “moving toward enlightenment.”

De Moor mixes live performances, studio electronics, and ambient sounds in subtle ways. Recordings of Australian frogs create his rhythms on “Raindance,” where bird sounds are used to build tension more than ambience. On “Silent Ganges,” chants and mantras are electronically filtered and arranged in choruses, resulting in a languid trance-pop piece. There’s nothing here that hasn’t been rendered on the Buddha Bar collections, but De Moor avoids the electro-loop grooves and goes a bit deeper with tracks like “Jewel in the Lotus,” on which he creates a 10-minute swirl of guttural Tibetan chants, didgeridoo, surging synth patterns, and ominous frame drums for a drone symphony. Maneesh de Moor’s roots aren’t in the world of chill, but rather early ambient. That’s evident throughout the disc, but especially on the final track, a Harold Budd-like ambient piano meditation that drifts dreamily off the edge.


01 – Maneesh de Moor – Drops of Light.mp3
02 – Maneesh de Moor – Raindance.mp3
03 – Maneesh de Moor – Oracle.mp3
04 – Maneesh de Moor – Silent Ganges.mp3
05 – Maneesh de Moor – Jewel in the Lotus.mp3
06 – Maneesh de Moor – River Goddess.mp3
07 – Maneesh de Moor – Peaceful Being.mp3
08 – Maneesh de Moor – Cosmic Flow.mp3
09 – Maneesh de Moor – Namaste (Sadhana Remix).mp3
10 – Maneesh de Moor – Pure Essence.mp3

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