Larry Conklin — Dolphin Grace

Larry Conklin — Dolphin Grace

I’m listening to this album now and I can not stop. So probably and should influence the listener a real flow of really beautiful music …

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Some kind of simply unreal guitar, just one single stream of bewitching sounds. As if Larry’s one acoustic guitar was not enough to make our hearts moan, fly and fall, as if from a cliff, so he adds a romantic saxophone and flute.

Larry is like a magician and a wizard, as if conjuring, gets access to the souls of his listeners. This is a skill, so to penetrate into our inner world. This is the case when you realize that the talent in a person is from God!


01. Larry Conklin — Dophin Grace.mp3
02. Larry Conklin — Ganymede.mp3
03. Larry Conklin — Windrose.mp3
04. Larry Conklin — Timberline.mp3
05. Larry Conklin — Reunion.mp3
06. Larry Conklin — The Aztec flower.mp3
07. Larry Conklin — Night comes from the east.mp3
08. Larry Conklin — The tower (prelude).mp3
09. Larry Conklin — Luminaries.mp3
10. Larry Conklin — My heart for ever.mp3
11. Larry Conklin — Amethyst.mp3

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Magdalena Pereira
Just love all the music on the guitar and strings!

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