Greg Joy – Celtic Dancer (Irish Dance Music)

Greg Joy – Celtic Dancer (2005)

Celtic dance. This time Greg Joy decided to speed up all his main works and make them incendiary and melodic jigs. And it turned out perfectly. The album is full of bright and colourful medieval dance tunes, and, of course, he, like all previous albums, is instrumental. And words are not necessary to Greg, for speech here answer very talkative lyre and a guitar which will tell much more about the mystery of Celtic music, than any bard. The skill and quality of the recording is also on top. Basically “Celtic Dancer” is a recorded tracks of previous albums. And it’s done with a great soul. Only a truly talented person can record “Morrison’s Jig” and “McBurney’s Jig” so that they become more energetic and faster. And, of course, the magic of the slow lyre, which inspires peace and ease in the souls of listeners, has not been spared. The Celtic dances were a success, however, not a single album I heard has given such fervour to this music.

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The dance album, based on traditional Irish and Scottish melodies (including jigs), is performed on guitar, mandolin, violin, recorder, cello, whistles and other instruments. However, Greg Joy is not completely faithful to traditions and introduces music and his style is an original fusion of Celtic New Age, folk-baroque and neo-classics, at the expense of which made the album more romantic than other dance ones.


01. Greg Joy – Rakes of Kildare – Swallow’s Nest.mp3
02. Greg Joy – Road to Lisdoonvarna.mp3
03. Greg Joy – Flowers of Edinburgh – Black Watch.mp3
04. Greg Joy – Morrison’s Jig.mp3
05. Greg Joy – Julia Delaney.mp3
06. Greg Joy – Chicken on the Run – Sunday is My Wedding Day.mp3
07. Greg Joy – Tarboulton Reel.mp3
08. Greg Joy – Breton Dance – Douce Dame Jolie.mp3
09. Greg Joy – Black Mountain.mp3
10. Greg Joy – Merrily Kissed the Quaker’s Wife.mp3
11. Greg Joy – Knight Flight.mp3
12. Greg Joy – Royal Forester.mp3
13. Greg Joy – Rights of Man.mp3
14. Greg Joy – Blarney Pilgrim.mp3
15. Greg Joy – McBurney’s Jig.mp3
16. Greg Joy – Wind Dance of the Fairies.mp3
17. Greg Joy – Dream Flight.mp3
18. Greg Joy – Magical Child.mp3
19. Greg Joy – Roxborough Castle.mp3
20. Greg Joy  – Tancy’s Fancy.mp3
21. Greg Joy  – The Kirn – Bras de Touleme – Petticoast’s Loose.mp3

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