Enigmatic Obsession – Secrets Of Seduction

Jens Gad — Enigmatic Obsession

Attractive rhythms ambient, chill out, mystical vocal Louise Fernandez, familiar to us on the project Enigma arrangements, not devoid of romance and fresh breath, as well as ethnic inclusions of the Chinese Erhu. We recommend that this album be listened to by all those who are fond of the early creativity of the Enigma project.

Enigmatic Obsession – Secrets Of Seduction

Jens Gad said: “Secrets of Seduction” is a compilation of my ideas for the Enigma project, which arose in recent years, but never embodied in tracks on albums. So I put them on the finished form and released it in a separate disc. To make ethno-color I used erhu – a Chinese violin, a traditional instrument that produces a beautiful sound – something between singing and sitar. This album I created in collaboration with the German producer Torsten Stenzel in his Magic Island studio in Ibiza

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01. Enigmatic Obsession – Opening My Eyes.mp3
02. Enigmatic Obsession – In The Recent Past.mp3
03. Enigmatic Obsession – The Delta Of The Red River.mp3
04. Enigmatic Obsession – Northern Horizon.mp3
05. Enigmatic Obsession – The 5th Column.mp3
06. Enigmatic Obsession – Silent Heroes.mp3
07. Enigmatic Obsession – Reachers Of Civilization.mp3
08. Enigmatic Obsession – Punta Del Este.mp3
09. Enigmatic Obsession – Farewell To The Moon.mp3
10. Enigmatic Obsession – Slowly Walking In.mp3
11. Enigmatic Obsession – Polar Lights.mp3
12. Enigmatic Obsession – Closing My Eyes.mp3
13. Enigmatic Obsession – Lifesign.mp3

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