Digital Rain – My Dreams (2012)

Digital Rain – My Dreams (2012)

I have found this album by the some internet pages. Its not possible to find out any more additional information (about composer, project etc) except that it is released out in 2012 under Easy Summer label.

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It is possible to find on this album several pleasant tracks of light electronic music for a background and easy listening. Air sounds of keyboards, simple loops, a synthetic sound effects – all of them create wonderful mood of spring here.


01. My Dreams Of You (Original Mix).mp3
02. Night Passion (Original Mix).mp3
03. Yes Yes (Original Mix).mp3
04. Radiance (Original Mix).mp3
05. September (Original Mix).mp3
06. We’re No Angels (Original Mix).mp3
07. Relax On The Beach (Original Mix).mp3

Bitrate: 320 kbps
Package size: 92Mb
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