Deepak Chopra & Friends – The Gift of Love

Music inspires by the mystical poetry of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi a “mentor with a shining heart”, the greatest Persian Sufi poet, one of the most famous poets in the world. He lived in the XIII century in Asia Minor, which in the world of Islam was called Rum. Hence the name Rumi.

Deepak Chopra & Friends – Gift of Love

Passion. Music. Romance. That’s all we know on this Earth, and all that we need to know. This album speaks the language of Love, a passionate association between Ancient Persian verses and intoxicating rhythms and songs. Crossing the boundaries of ecstasy, it gives a musical tribute to Love .. the ultimate gift of Love …

“Gift of Love” is an album that collected celebrities reading Rumi’s poetry (the Sufi poet), accompanied by quiet arrangements by composers Adam Plack and Yaron Fuchs. Madonna, Demi Moore and Martin Sheen are involved in the recordings, as well as: Blythe Danner, Debra Winger, Goldie Hawn and others.

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01. Valentine to Rumi (Musical Prelude).mp3
02. My Burning Heart .mp3
03. Bittersweet – Chopra, Deepak & Madonna.mp3
04. Intoxicated by Love .mp3
05. Lover’s Passion .mp3
06. Do You Love Me – Chopra, Deepak & Demi Moore.mp3
07. Come to Me .mp3
08. Desire.mp3
09. Alchemy of Love.mp3
10. Caught in the Fire of Love – Chopra, Deepak & Martin Sheen.mp3
11. Awakening.mp3
12. I Am Yours – Chopra, Deepak & Robert John Burke.mp3
13. Behind the Scenes – Chopra, Deepak & Blythe Danner.mp3
14. Looking for Your Face – Chopra, Deepak & Jared Harris.mp3
15. Meaning of Love – Chopra, Deepak & Goldie Hawn.mp3
16. Aroused Passion.mp3
17. Dying to Love – Chopra, Deepak & Robert A.F. Thurman.mp3
18. Privileged Lovers.mp3
19. Precious Love.mp3
20. Surrender.mp3
21. Defeated by Love – Chopra, Deepak & Sussan Deyhlm.mp3
22. Lost in the Wilderness.mp3
23. Mythical Lover – Chopra, Deepak & Gautama.mp3
24. I Am and I Am Not.mp3
25. Agony of Lovers – Chopra, Deepak & Laura Day.mp3
26. Agony and Ecstasy of Divine Discontent – Chopra, Deepak & Sonja Sohn.mp3
27. Mirror – Chopra, Deepak & Debra Winger.mp3
28. Look at Your Eyes – Chopra, Deepak & Noah Hutton Debra Winger.mp3
29. Looking for Love – Chopra, Deepak & Rosa Parks.mp3
30. Some Kiss – Chopra, Deepak & Coleman Barks.mp3
31. Freshness – Coleman Barks.mp3
32. My Beloved – Chopra, Deepak & Chris Barron.mp3
33. Hunt.mp3
34. Desire [Instrumental].mp3
35. Lover’s Madness [Instrumental].mp3
36. Lover’s Passion [Instrumental].mp3

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Deepak Chopra, executive director of the Sharpe Institute for Research on Hidden Human Capabilities and Psychophysiological Medicine in San Diego, California. He taught at Taft University and Medical School at Boston University and was in charge of the New England Memorial Hospital. Deepak Chopra is a world-famous leader in the field of psycho-telemedicine medicine and human capabilities.

He is the author of many books that have become bestsellers, including “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind”, “Quantum Healing”, “Creation of Abundance”, “Wizard’s Path”, “Way to Love”, as well as numerous audio and video programs that promote health and well-being. Deepak Chopra’s books have been translated into more than 25 languages, in addition, he regularly lectures in North and South America, India, Europe, Japan and Australia.

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