Dao Dezi — World Mix Album (1994)

Dao Dezi — World Mix Album (1994)

Dao Dezi – co-production of Eric Mouquet * and Guilain Joncheray (executive producer of Deep Forest’s debut album). Dao Dezi means ‘Forward’, or ‘Move’, the concept that came to us from the ancient Celtic language of France – Breton.

The record of Dao Dezi is interesting because Mouquet compiled and included some traditional Breton folk songs, sung by a lot of male voices, and invited singers especially for the album. None of the leading vocals are recorded according to the pattern by which they usually appear in small groups. Eric puts the synthesized samples on the voices in a very fast flow, which is even more reminiscent of the similar style of Deep Forest albums.

*Eric Mouquet is one of the creators of the legendary project Deep Forest, which gained the same fame as the Enigma project in its time. The project Deep Forest opened the world a new kind of music – modern dance treatments with a variety of ethnic material, which was brought by musicians from different corners of the Earth.

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01. Dao Dezi – Hebrides.mp3
02. Dao Dezi – La Jument De Mishao (Love Palace mix).mp3
03. Dao Dezi – Kokerikero.mp3
04. Dao Dezi – Ti Eliz Iza.mp3
05. Dao Dezi – Tri Martolod.mp3
06. Dao Dezi – The King Of The Fairies.mp3
07. Dao Dezi – Gaspesie.mp3
08. Dao Dezi – An Tri Breur (Love Palace mix).mp3
09. Dao Dezi – 11.11.93.mp3
10. Dao Dezi – Digor.mp3
11. Dao Dezi – Ti Eliz Iza (Love Palace mix).mp3

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