Cosmic Replicant – Future Memories (2013)

Cosmic Replicant – Future Memories (2013)

Cosmic Replicant is also known as Pavel Shirshin, a DJ and producer from Kazan. Although Shirshin would rather stay anonymous online, his moniker suggests a desired membership within realms greater than the web. His stage-name refers us directly back to the “replicants” of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic “Blade Runner” (1982). Superior to humans in most physical areas, the replicants nonetheless lacked emotion – and could be exposed by their inability to worry, blush, and so forth. It would seem that Shirshin imagines the perfect escape from reality in terms of feeling less. The best response to actuality is not only departure or flight, but also a solid bulwark against its hurtful slings and arrows.

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01. COSMIC REPLICANT – Rise to Light.mp3
02. COSMIC REPLICANT – Clear Mind.mp3
03. COSMIC REPLICANT – Sense of Life.mp3
04. COSMIC REPLICANT – Opening Lotus.mp3
05. COSMIC REPLICANT – Enter the Void.mp3
06. COSMIC REPLICANT – Morning Star (2013 edit).mp3
07. COSMIC REPLICANT – Sunshine Way.mp3
08. COSMIC REPLICANT – Future Memories.mp3
09. COSMIC REPLICANT – White Elephant.mp3
10. COSMIC REPLICANT – Return to Gaïa.mp3

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