ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – Chinese Tea Ballads

ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – Chinese Tea Ballads

This magnificent and picturesque album of Chinese music is sure to be appreciated by all lovers of beautiful, romantic oriental music. A wonderful duet of Erhu and Pipa framed by the air as a feather of a flute and the sounds of nature very easily immerse the listener in the wonderful atmosphere of an old garden filled with love stories and containing a gray patch of millennial traditions.

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Impeccable play of instruments, pensive oriental lyric poetry, organic combination of sounds is a beautiful creation reflecting the entire melody of the Chinese musical tradition.


01.ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – Tea Song of the Xiang River.mp3
02.ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – Dance Music about Tea Plucking.mp3
03.ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – Tea Song of Shu Mountain.mp3
04.ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – A Tea Ballad.mp3
05.ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – Tea Song of Dongting Lake.mp3
06.ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – Tea Plucking Girls.mp3
07.ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – Tea Party beside Xihu Lake.mp3
08.ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han – Tea Picker`s Dream.mp3

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