Buddha Bar vol. 6 (by DJ Ravin) 2 CD

Buddha Bar vol. 6 (by DJ Ravin) 2 CD

The first disc Rebirth got such interesting tracks as 1 Giant Leap – The Way You Dream with a fairly familiar style of processing Indian music. It is interesting because here are read slokas in Sanskrit, the meaning of which is known to a few, and along with this there is quite a nice male vocal. This track is pretty melodic and beautiful. Pleasant rhythms of the composition of Daniel Masson – Sonargaon carry away in memories of the hot summer. Very soft, electronic, calm, but pronounced they fascinate the heart. You can not ignore the composition Erik Satie – Gnossienne No 1 (Buddha Bar Remix) – the combination of cello and refined piano keys are very expressive and sincere. Fans of oriental vocals like Jasmine Kissel will surely attract the track Ryukyu Underground – Kanasando (Rebirth Remix).

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Well, I like this lounge performance Ganga – Chair, light, pleasant, carefree. Another track from the first disc, which in its time often twisted on the Classic radio – this is Quicksound – Cold Winter. Quite an interesting job. I can not miss the remix of one of the first hits Touch and Go – about number one. A very sexy track in which the fingers slowly move to the desired goal. Completes the first CD Cantoma – a good project and a good track.

Tracklist (1 CD ):

01. B-Tribe – Angelic Voices (Rebirth Remix).mp3
02. 1 Giant Leap – The Way You Dream.mp3
03. Dolphin Boy – Shake It Loose.mp3
04. Daniel Masson – Sonargaon.mp3
05. Deew – She Will Never Learn.mp3
06. Erik Satie – Gnossienne No 1 [Buddha Bar Remix).mp3
07. Cellar 55 – Por-Do-Sol.mp3
08. Ryukyu Underground – Kanasando (Rebirth Remix).mp3
09. Ganga – Chair.mp3
10. Dos Hombres – The Alkemyst.mp3
11. Slow Train – Naturally.mp3
12. Quicksound – Cold Winter.mp3
13. Touch & Go – Straight To Number One (Dreamcatcher’s Remix).mp3
14. Cantoma – Essarai.mp3


And then we pass to the second disk. The name says that apparently we are here to have a little fun, but the first track in general, I did not cheer. The second track is something interesting, electronic with the French words of some strange woman. Either way, there is at least something energetic in him. But on the third track, I’m beginning to understand that DJ Ravin apparently understood by the fun – the thickening of electronic rhythms, their dynamics. However, to listen so many times O-o – Ee somehow do not like. Telepopmusik certainly a little happy, they are very expressive and as always in their special vocal manner. Sarah Vaughan – Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) really amuses his accordion and funny rhythms and even weird vocals.

Bliss are talented guys from Holland, they are masters in such music and their track of Manvantar – this track certainly deserves attention. Especially its second part with playful key chords. Casa Flava – De Moma De (Paris & Sharp Remix) for some reason reminded me of crazy discos in the style of Dana International, but this track is expressive and dynamic. As well as the last track Perfect Sense – Bumba (Stereo Sax Mix).

In general, the collection turned out to be successful and interesting, but from the second disc I would throw half of the tracks. Although I have nothing against the tastes of DJ Ravin.

Tracklist (2 CD ):

01. Baul Dimension – Bangla Soul.mp3
02. Table vs. Ludovico Einaudi – Memory.mp3
03. Slow Train – Trail Of Dawn.mp3
04. Loopless – Pink Blue Hotel.mp3
05. Telepopmusik – Breathe (Banzai Republic’s X-Hale Remix).mp3
06. Sarah Vaughan – Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix).mp3
07. Bliss – Manvantara.mp3
08. Baul Dimension – Baul Dimension.mp3
09. Afterlife – Sunrise (DJ Thunda & K20 Allstars Mix).mp3
10. PQM feat. Pilgrim Soul – Nameless.mp3
11. Casa Flava – De Moma De (Paris & Sharp Remix).mp3
12. Perfect Sense – Bumba (Stereo Sax Mix).mp3

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