Buddha-Bar vol. 4 (by David Visan) 2 CD

IV compilation of Buddha Bar was made by David Visan. The collection turned out to be quite interesting. In the first part you can meet many beautiful romances with a guitar and several compositions in the Enigmatic style. Among them: Tibet (Tibet project), Amatevi (Agricantus), Monsoon (Flam). The second part was first decorated with compositions from Panjabi MC, Chris Spheeris, Amr Diab, and a cover version on Comme Toi from Ishtar.

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The Buddha Bar series has become a band name by now, and Buddha Bar, Vol. IV does nothing to break the new tradition. Compiled by David Visan, the two-CD set is divided into “Dinner” and “Drink.” The former is definitely music for the consumption of comestibles, pleasant and polite with exotic touches of world music, like Nitin Sawhney’s “Moonrise” or Gotan Project’s revolution of the tango with “Una Musical Brutal,” but they’re the mildest examples of the artists’ output, never pushing themselves forward, but providing a backdrop for food and civilized conversation. “Drink” fares a little better, but has traces of anonymity — Time Passing with “Party People,” for example, or Chris Spheeris and “Dancing With The Muse” could both come from a modern TV ad — although its less afraid of imposing itself, with the delightful Panjabi Mc, whose track is gleefully annoying, and Loving Paris, who offer “Loco,” which is exactly that. Egyptian heartthrob Amr Diab comes across as glossier than usual in this setting, while salsa diva Celia Cruz contributing a version of “I Will Survive” is one of the musical standouts — the song translates surprisingly well to her genre. Still, it’s a disc without rhyme or reason, and bizarrely sequenced, with little sense of movement, just a random bunch of tracks slung together without a great deal of thought. Overall, a moderate success only

Tracklist (CD1 – Dinner):

01. Frederick Rousseau – La Fille De Pekin.mp3
02. Tibet Project – Tibet (A Passage To…).mp3
03. Jade Or – Opium.mp3
04. Nitin Sawhney – Moonrise.mp3
05. Jasmine – Sweet Lemon.mp3
06. Agricantus – Amatevi.mp3
07. Federico Aubele – Contigo.mp3
08. Guadalupe Pineda Con Los Tres Ases – Historia De Un Amor.mp3
09. Rudy Khan & Jester P – Ghetto Blaster.mp3
10. Nickodemus – Desert Dancer (Zeb’s Slow Camel Ride Remix).mp3
11. Flam – Monsoon.mp3
12. Tulku – Rhada Ramana.mp3
13. Natassa Theodoridou – Tora To Thimithikes.mp3
14. Gotan Project – Una Musica Brutal.mp3

Tracklist (CD2 – Drink):

01. Outsized – Karma (Extended Mix).mp3
02. Time Passing – Party People.mp3
03. Elissa – Zambi Ana.mp3
04. Ishtar – Comme Toi.mp3
05. Chris Spheeris – Dancing With The Muse.mp3
06. David Visan & Carlos Campos – Irish Coffee.mp3
07. Llorca – The Novel Sound.mp3
08. Loving Paris – Loco.mp3
09. Roland Louis – Percussion’s Rhythm (Dimitri From Paris Re-edit).mp3
10. Dan Lacksman’s Alliance – Louxor In Vegas.mp3
11. Angie Samiou – Agoraki Mou.mp3
12. Shad – Zaman.mp3
13. Celia Cruz – Yo Vivire (I Will Survive).mp3
14. Usual Masters – Nocturne In Paris.mp3

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