Brent Lewis – Rhythm Hunter

Brent Lewis – Rhythm Hunter

The life of Brent is his music, and the study of tribal rhythms. His education was intensive and comprehensive study together with his teachers, drummers in different parts of the world. His experience gained from studying with professor drummer Mr. Kwazi Badu from Ghana, Africa, was profound and very meaningful. Brent drove all of Africa to study the roots of African music, tribal ceremonies and rhythms. His music takes hereditary rhythms from all over the world and combines them for a unique world of drum beats.

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Brent uses an unusual system of musical drums Lkauma Drums. This is a special instrument that combines several different drums tuned in a special way, and creating a polyphonic battle effect.

The album that Brent recorded with guest artists combines also playing the violin, didgeridoo, Indian saxophone, in addition to the most interesting game of Brent on his polyphonic drums. As stated in the description, this album is a dream of choreographers.


01 – Brent Lewis – Catch That Wild Man.mp3
02 – Brent Lewis – Boogaloo Journey Home.mp3
03 – Brent Lewis – Dream Time.mp3
04 – Brent Lewis – Samba de Drum.mp3
05 – Brent Lewis – The Magic Purple Shell.mp3
06 – Brent Lewis – Groove Attack.mp3
07 – Brent Lewis – Reed My Lips.mp3
08 – Brent Lewis – Coyote Eyes.mp3
09 – Brent Lewis – Island Fever.mp3
10 – Brent Lewis – Gypsy Thunder.mp3

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