Blank & Jones – Relax (2003)

Blank & Jones – Relax (2003)

Blank & Jones is a trance duo based in Cologne, Germany; the band consists of Pete Blank – Piet Blank (Jan Pieter Blank) and DJ Jaspa Jones (Rene Runge), the producer of Andy Kaufhold (Andy Kaufhold). They released eight albums and more than 16 singles, beginning with the release of their first single “Sunrise” in 1997. They also continue to engage in DJing on several radio stations in Germany.

Pete Blank and Jaspa Jones met at a party organized by the radio station Eins Live. Pete says: – We met in 1996 at a big party, Popkomm party, in Cologne. I asked Jaspa if he would like to do a remix for my Gorgeous project. He said yes, but things went very slowly, and our recording company was in despair waiting for a remix. So I decided to visit Jaspa’s studio to help him with the final mix. We finished the mix very quickly, and even a little more time left, and we made the first first Blank & Jones remix. The first track Blank & Jones was made for the Mayday album of the 97th, my first Mayday festival. So there was a project Blank & Jones (then still called “Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones”). For “Sunrise” followed the house-hit “Heartbeat” and “Flying To The Moon” (but not yet very big hits). Soon they were joined by the third participant of the project – Andy Kaufhold, who already remixed “Flying To The Moon” under the name N * D * K and was a participant of the Gorgeous project with Pete. Although he does not appear with Pete and Jasper, he can sometimes be seen behind with a camera in his hand.

The trio also formed the Da Bomb project, and Jaspa became part of Gorgeous. They started releasing music on the famous Kontor Records label (like Blank & Jones). Soon these three literally blew up the dance floors of the world with their first trance track “Cream”. It was something extraordinary, a sound that did not look like anything. But even after the breakthrough, they released many worthy successors to the “Cream” case, which became successful. After the release of their first album “In Da Mix”, they released the single “After Love”. And although the original version was similar to something on “Cream”, the single contained a new “I-B-I-Z-A Mix / Shortcut”, which demonstrates how different they can be.

2003 was the year of expansion of horizons for Blank & Jones. Firstly, they wrote an album for Anne Clark (“Sleeping In Metropolis 3000”). Secondly, in April, it was time for the album Relax, which showed their great talent in the styles of chillout and ambient. Together with such great performers as Pet Shop Boys, Sarah McLachlan, Claudia Brucken, a soloist of the 80’s Propaganda and Elles de Graaf, the voice of the project of Armin van Buuren, Perpetuous Dreamer).

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The track they created for the Mayday festival, A Night To Remember, is a tough techno. In summer, a new part of “The Mix” appeared. And finally, their desire to expand the boundaries led to an unusual collaboration between them and Robert Smith (the soloist of the gothic rock band The Cure) – the single “A Forest”. As models for imitation in music, both Pete and Jaspa are called Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode. Among other things, they also call The Cure, so they are happy to cooperate with them! They created a great remix for the song Pet Shop Boys – Home & Dry, as well as their mix track “Love Comes Quickly” entered “Relax”. Now the guys have focused on the Blank & Jones project, but their old projects, such as Da Bomb and Gorgeous, or Jaspa Jones in itself, have produced pretty well-known tracks and remixes, such as Gorgeous – Don`t Stop or Da Bomb – The Original.

As remixers, they made remixes of such famous compositions as Moby – James Bond Theme or Bellini – Samba de Janeiro as Da Bomb. Today, like Blank & Jones, they made a lot of remixes, revealing their unique style. For example: Wolfsheim – Wundervoll, or Fragma – You Are Alive.

In addition to composing music Blank & Jones in the first place – DJs. Although they are now predominantly trance, sometimes they also put other records, such as house or techno. They are guests at many parties and, of course, major events such as Love Parade, Nature One, Mayday or Trance Energy. They also play in small clubs. They create a special atmosphere wherever they perform. The experience of DJs determines the style of their music, their mixes carry a special feeling of celebration. Their albums sound like ideal DJ mixes, and they drive people crazy with their performances. You can hear their regular sets on the radio stations N-Joy and Digitally Imported Radio (In The Mix with Blank & Jones) via the Internet. In the past, there were also shows on Eins Live (Partyservice with Pete Blanc), monthly sets on Digitally Imported Radio.


01. Blank & Jones – Breezin’.mp3
02. Blank & Jones feat. Claudia Brucken – Unknown Treasure.mp3
03. Blank & Jones – Beyond Time.mp3
04. Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly (Blank & Jones Ambient Remix).mp3
05. Blank & Jones – Watching The Waves.mp3
06. Blank & Jones feat. Elles – Flaming June.mp3
07. Blank & Jones – Relax.mp3
08. Sarah McLachlan – Angel.mp3
09. Blank & Jones – Counting Clouds.mp3
10. Blank & Jones – Desire.mp3
11. Blank & Jones – Secrets & Lies.mp3
12. Blank & Jones – Daydreamin’.mp3
13. Blank & Jones feat. Anne Clark – The Hardest Heart.mp3
14. Blank & Jones – Driftin’.mp3

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