Bernward Koch — Gentle Spirit

Bernward Koch is a German composer, pianist and keyboard player. He was born in 1957. Love for music was born in him at the age of 12, when he started playing the French horn in a local brass band, but soon because of an acute desire to perform “more melodies”, he turned his attention to the pipe. However, two years later, Koch’s new enthusiasm was guitar and drums. By the age of 15, his father, an accordionist, gives him a piano, and from the first lessons Bernard turns to improvisation and composing music.

Bernward Koch - Gentle Spirit (2009)

Bernward Koch – Gentle Spirit (2009)

Interest in music grew, especially to styles Jazz, Rock, Pop and Folk, but also to Classics. And at the age of 20 years decides to study music in Cologne. Together with their younger brother Christophe, they take part in various music seminars in Bremen and other cities, and in their free time plays keyboards and drums in various jazz-rock bands.

Meanwhile, he does not stop creating music. To the melodies on the piano Koch draws keyboards, flute, guitar, percussion – that is what becomes his characteristic art, and promotes the creation of music for relaxation and relaxation.

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Thus, beginning in 1990, Bernard begins to release his solo albums, sometimes together with the bands he previously participated in (for example, Pablo, formerly The Brothers), but one way or another the pianist from Germany becomes a world-famous musician, and each The new release has an amazing success. On his account eight albums, with the last of them we are going to introduce you.

This album is a vivid example of how Koch managed to find that golden mean in a combination of piano (solo instrument) and flutes with keyboards, percussions, guitar and gently ringing bells. Music justifies its name – light, light-filled, soft and gentle – it resembles the way our soul sings when we wake up in the summer sun in the arms of the sun, when in the spring we rejoice in the drop-ringing outside the window, when our dream comes true, when a native man laughs – this is an amazing feeling of joy and love for everything.


01. Bernward Koch – The Treasure.mp3
02. Bernward Koch – Immortal Thoughts.mp3
03. Bernward Koch – Get Free.mp3
04. Bernward Koch – Poignant Memory.mp3
05. Bernward Koch – Fragrant Way.mp3
06. Bernward Koch – Farewell, my Friend.mp3
07. Bernward Koch – An Evening Walk.mp3
08. Bernward Koch – Under Trees.mp3
09. Bernward Koch – A Time Ago.mp3
10. Bernward Koch – An Ancient Dance.mp3
11. Bernward Koch – Song of a Young Tree.mp3
12. Bernward Koch – Back to Myself.mp3
13. Bernward Koch – A Little Ode.mp3
14. Bernward Koch – Multi-Colored Windows.mp3
15. Bernward Koch – A Shimmer of Leaves.mp3

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