Bel Canto – Shimmering, Warm & Bright (1992)

This Norwegian group, originally from Tromso, well north of this country, could offer us a music dedicated to isolation. On the contrary, it makes us understand in this album, that they integrated influences coming from abroad, and often of very far … The two surviving members of the initial combo, the duet Drecker / Johansen, proposes with this album , an opening more pop than the previous works, less cold and electronic, all resting on the charming and high-pitched voice of Annelli, which is not unlike those of Lisa Gerrard or Liz Fraser …

The synths are softer, crystalline guitars, the whole thing is completely serene as on “Unicorn” or “Shimmering Warm and Bright” that could have created the Cocteau Twins. The listening of this album is pleasant with the purity cleared on “Buthania”, ready to the reverie on “Clear Weather”. The influence of Dead Can Dance is also present in the research sounds of this group, because we feel a successful experiment, launched in the use of instruments “world”, but also medieval (oboe).

Bel Canto – Shimmering, Warm & Bright (1992)

Shimmering, Warm and Bright is norwegian band Bel Canto’s third release, and it was issued way back in 1992. It was also their first release without electronica wizard Geir Jensen (aka Biosphere) in the group, which resulted in a slight change of musical style, and what is probably their most commercially successful release ever.

Musically this album is solidly placed in the world of electronica. Analogue instruments can be heard throughout the album, but the most important and defining sounds in the soundscape here are electronic.

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There are really two kinds of songs on this album. Some songs are a bit up-tempo, often with a thumping bass line being the defining rhythm instruments in those songs, and with highly melodic patterns being weaved with electronic and analogue instruments to create a dreamy atmosphere; often underlined with a floating synth. Other songs are very mellow, with at most slight use of rhythmical patterns, and with dreamy and often sad sounding synths being the dominant instrument besides the voice of Anneli Drecker.

Mellow, dreamy, melancholy and slightly sad sounding is as good a description as any of this album in general. As for the individual songs here, all of them are good. There are differences in rhythms, tempo and style en masse here, but all of the songs are mesmerizing and captivating.

Mandolin and other acoustic instruments mix with both real and machine percussion sounds along with shades of post-punk Cure/Cocteau Twins guitar. Other standouts include “Spiderdust,” a quietly intense tale of voodoo and passion, and the French-language “Le Temps Degage.”

Although it comes across as a bit of a tribute to early Cocteau Twins, Bel Canto’s Shimmering, Warm and Bright is at least a respectful and well-observed tribute and a welcome addition to the ethereal wave canon. Anneli’s vocals, in particular, are a treat even if she does skate around Liz Fraser’s turf, and the mellow mood of the album is delightfully soothing. As the group’s first album as a two piece unit following the departure of Geir Jenssen, it’s really very impressive.


01. Unicorn.mp3
02. Summer.mp3
03. Die Geschichte Einer Mutter.mp3
04. Waking Will.mp3
05. Shimmering, Warm & Bright.mp3
06. Sleep In Deep.mp3
07. Buthania.mp3
08. Le Temps Degage.mp3
09. Spiderdust.mp3
10. Mornixuur.mp3

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