Beautiful World — In Existence

The story of Beautiful World is the brainchild of British guitarist, composer and producer Phil Sawyer, who has composed music for television, advertising and cinema for many years, and has received the highest award from British television for his work in this field.

Quite young, Phil Sawyer started playing guitar – first in Fleur de Lys, and later in Shotgun Express, transformed into the famous Fleetwood Mac. At the age of 18, he began performing with the Spencer Davis Group, replacing the departed Steve Winwood, touring with them and even wrote several songs (for example, “Do not Want You No More” and “Looking Back”). However, in 1970 he left the group to concentrate on classical music and entered the Guildhall London musical school, where he studied composition, orchestration and harmony.

Since the beginning of the 80s, Sawyer has tried himself as a film and television composer. Among his works are The Other Bomb, Chains of Tears, The Sleepwalker, The Enchanted, Twenty One, Dance of the Dolphins and the title theme for Tarzan and the Lost City by Karl Schenkel.

In 1995 and 1996 years Phill Sawyer was awarded the highest award of British television for “the best original music.” Even during a turbulent youth tour Phil Sawyer met with exotic cultures and the history of different nationalities, finding even in the US very interesting places. The Yellowstone National Park, for example, which the Indians called “the land of water and smoke.” Having received an order to compose music for a series of commercials that was to be broadcast in Kenya, Sawyer went there and met local singers whose work was so impressive that he decided to introduce something like that into the fabric of the future project.

After signing a contract with WEA, Sawyer creates Beautiful World, in which he plans to realize an old dream – to unite the musical heritage of representatives of different cultures – African saukhili, North American Indian tribe Hopi, oriental mysticism and European pop dance. And he succeeded.

Beautiful World — In Existence

The debut album, named “… IN EXISTENCE” was bought by more than half a million people. The second album “Forever” was released in 1996 and sold in 50 countries of all five continents, over which Sawyer worked for two years in co-authorship with his wife Brigitte and involved Miriam Stockley, Beryl Marsden, Rush Winters, African chorus Unsung Heroes and Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir, which supports a fund for helping cancer patients in children.

Sawyer calls his offspring “the festival of life,” believing that people should not retreat before the tragedies that are occurring today with them, and with the nature surrounding the world:

We are not helpless at all, we have the strength to change something, starting with ourselves, with our inner philosophy and our convictions.

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01. In The Beginning.mp3
02. In Existence.mp3
03. Evolution.mp3
04. Magicien Du Bonheur.mp3
05. I Know.mp3
06. The Silk Road.mp3
07. Love Song.mp3
08. Journey Of The Ancestors.mp3
09. Revolution Of The Heart.mp3
10. The Coming Of Age.mp3
11. Spoken Word.mp3
12. Wonderful World.mp3
13. The Final Emotion.mp3

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