Bahramji & Mashti – Sufiyan

Bahramji & Mashti – Sufiyan

Electronic creation with elements of oriental music and vocals of Bahramji itself (Bahram Pourmand) will appeal to all lovers of mysterious music in the style of enigmatics. Soft rhythms, mysterious voice, Sufi wisdom and love. This album Bahramji slightly resembles in style their work with the MoorManeesh de Moor.

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Sufiyan CD by Bahramji and Mashti is Eastern and Sufi world music with ambient, world fusion, and electronic sounds for yoga music and world dance music. Working with Danish producer and DJ Mashti, Sufiyan is a special combination between the ancient and traditional, connecting it with the modern and technical. If asked, Bahramji says about the origin of his music:

‘It is simply spontaneous and comes from the heart, it develops out of the moment.’

Somehow Bahramji and Mashti combine what should be polar opposites: soothing, flowing, meditative santoor, flute, ney, sitar together with powerful beats and mystical Eastern vocals. It’s done in a truly symbiosis. Sufiyan combines influences from ancient, traditional Sufi melodies, as well as Kurdish and Indian sounds. The multi-layers of their music reflects itself also in the texts about wisdoms and experiences, which go back to old Persian mystics and poets such as Rumi, Attar and Hafez.

‘Music is more then the notes. The instruments are used, the notes are used, and the sounds are used. To create a silence between two sounds. That silence is the music to be born. Gratitude is your sensitivity towards the universe … or existence. Music is my sensitivity. Silence between two sounds is music. Between two words is poetry.”  – Bahramji

Sufiyan transports an unbelievable strength and energy. It is somewhat magical. Most tracks are led by a slow, very deep, driving and almost hypnotic bass line. These beats are important to Bahram.

‘Beats symbolize the rhythm of life, the rhythm of the body, the heart,’ he says.

The deep tones are embedded into wonderfully percussive elements and are accompanied by the charming sounding instrument such as santoor, saz, tomback, kamanche.

Bahramji says,

‘Sufism for me, is a source of inspiration, from the roots of my Persian childhood till my being in the presence of today. It’s a high form of communication with the universe. I’m travelling like a nomad and get influenced by many different cultures, so all this is reflecting on my music. My music is getting beyond borders. It’s a mix of Oriental music & worldbeat. Sufi music, according to me, is a way of meditation, it can bring you into silence. You can listen to it endlessly, over and over again, becoming like a mantra…’


01. Bahramji & Mashti – Being With You.mp3
02. Bahramji & Mashti – Awareness.mp3
03. Bahramji & Mashti – Blue Nile.mp3
04. Bahramji & Mashti – Come My Love (Bia Jane).mp3
05. Bahramji & Mashti – Faithfulness.mp3
06. Bahramji & Mashti – Heartbeat.mp3
07. Bahramji & Mashti – Inner Beauty.mp3
08. Bahramji & Mashti – Midnight.mp3
09. Bahramji & Mashti – Desire (Setare).mp3
10. Bahramji & Mashti – Lovers.mp3

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