Art Patience – The Recognition

Not typically known as a featured instrument, Heart Dance Records and harpist Art Patience have created a fresh new concept and album spotlighting the Harmonica as a sound and color that brings a new twist and energy to the Contemporary Instrumental and New Age genres. The Recognition is all original music, cinematic in nature, composed by Art and takes you on a journey through badlands, gentle forests, meadows, lakes, darkness and light. The Recognition is composer, musician and performer Art Patience’s debut release in the Contemporary Instrumental and New Age genres. Known previously as a rhythm and blues performer, he has performed frequently with former Windham Hill pianist Scott Cossu. These compositions are cinematic in nature, helping the listener to visual landscapes such as The Badlands, Death Valley, cross country journeys, gentle forests, and more. Art resides in Cottonwood, AZ.

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Having life-long experience playing the harmonica, Arizona-based musician John Herrera (Art Patience) originally hails from a background in blues music. His debut album released on Heart Dance Records, titled “The Recognition”, not only offers something quite different from anything he’s recorded before, it’s also one of the most uniquely enchanting recordings I’ve heard in recent memory. Comprised of nine beautifully spellbinding compositions, Art imparts a soulful sultriness via his harmonica-playing among dreamily ambient soundscapes, which have been crafted by producer John Herrera, who also arranged, mixed and mastered the album. Art likewise plays acoustic guitar on several pieces, while guitarist Darin Mahoney also lends his talents on two compositions, including the fourth track, “Flight of the Butterfly”, and the seventh track, “Safe Journeys”. Upon first glance, the harmonica might seem like a rather unusual instrument to combine with ambient music, but this rare musical synthesis clearly works to perfection here.

Art Patience – The Recognition

The Recognition is easily one of the most uniquely intriguing albums I’ve heard recently, boasting beautifully surreal soundscapes full of warmth, depth and mystery. Like an aesthetically alluring contrast of sorts, its compelling fusion of harmonica – an instrument that brings to mind the more arid regions of the mid and southwestern United States – in tandem with the dreamily liquid ambience throughout, felt perpetually evocative of a tranquil oasis in the dry desert. An outstanding work in its entirety, The Recognition will surely appeal to a wide range of listeners, although particularly those with a taste for gently understated though melodic ambient music!


01. Art Patience – Compassion.mp3
02. Art Patience – The Wishing Well.mp3
03. Art Patience – Memorial Day.mp3
04. Art Patience – Flight of the Butterfly.mp3
05. Art Patience – The Treehouse.mp3
06. Art Patience – Spirit of the Woods.mp3
07. Art Patience – Safe Journeys.mp3
08. Art Patience – Winds of Change.mp3
09. Art Patience – The Recognition.mp3

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