Aquilo – Aquilo (2014)

Ben Fletcher and Tom Higham, or as they’ve been known since 201, Aquilo, grew up living directly across the road from each other in a small, quaint town called Silverdale. But, they didn’t get to know each other until they found each other’s music on Soundcloud. Now, after four years of touring and recording as Aquilo, and 50 million streams on Spotify later, they’ve released their debut album Silhouettes.

The duo’s own brand of electronic pop is cinematic, which is unsurprising, as Ben and Tom were highly influenced by the scenic Lake District, where they grew up. Aquilo tried to represent their surroundings musically on the record, saying:

“it only seemed right to let our home village and its scenery play a big part in the process.”

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Swirling soundscapes and digitally fractured electronics are rife. The juxtaposition of the orchestral and the synthesised is one of the key themes throughout the record, and when it works well. The electronic, steady, reflective beat kicks in and Higham’s smooth vocals soothe your soul and the beat gets louder and stronger, meeting a guitar that’s being quietly plucked in the background. There’s a lot of angst and emotion in the song. They both remember it not taking very long to come up with it but working on the production side of things for a while until it was perfect.

Fletcher felt a sense of relief when he stopped making loud and intense music:

“When we started doing this I just loved it instantly. You can just write calm music. I like being able to come away from a screaming amp and chill out.”

After years of gigging in his band Fletcher thinks the live aspect to Aquilo will be very important.

Aquilo – Aquilo (2014)

We can say that the additional PR of a little-known duo was provided by working together with the famous project of Michael Cretu Enigma in 2016 and the release of the single Amen. Below we suggest listening to the first mini-album of 2014, which, perhaps, attracted the attention of Michael Cretu.


01. Aquilo – You There.mp3
02. Aquilo – It All Comes Down to This.mp3
03. Aquilo – Part of Your Life.mp3
04. Aquilo – I Don’t Want to See It.mp3

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