Anugama — Tantra

Anugama – Tantra

Tantra methods have been used since the earliest times to achieve the transformation of sexual energy and love energy through meditation. This music can help more consciously get in touch with this tremendous power. The first part of the album stimulates and excites, while the second part gives an opportunity to experience the female aspect.

Anugama was born in Cologne (Germany). However, the famous multi-instrumentalist, the author of New Age music, was born only twenty years later – little Werner Hagen was yet to go along this road …

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However, from the very beginning it became clear that Werner inherited the musical abilities of his parents. Already at the age of 8 he began to play the flute, a few years later he began to master the guitar with great enthusiasm … At the age of 19 his soul was captured by the drums – Werner played drums in a variety of amateur rock bands in Hamburg, where he settled himself to work as a salesman in a record store and musical instruments. It was there, surrounded by many musical instruments from all over the world, he began to experiment … Although he had no musical education, music flowed through him with natural ease. At that time, many talented musicians worked in Hamburg (it was here in the early 60’s that the Beatles career began), so Werner lacked influence.

By the age of twenty, Hagen has been “infected” with Eastern philosophy and mysticism and is embarking on a long journey through Asia. For five years he visited various countries, got acquainted with a wide variety of religious movements and teachers … Until finally “anchored” in Pune (India), where there was a world-famous spiritual community of Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh (Osho). It was there that he got his new name – Anugama … Over the years, being inspired by many musical cultures, Anugama turned into a real multi-instrumentalist.

His studio was filled with a variety of sounds – from the roar of African drums and melodies of the Caribbean islands to the smooth rhythms of Hawaii and the mystical spirit of India and Japan. So, at the intersection of many cultures and musical traditions, Anugama created his own musical universe.

His CDs (and, taking into account the collections of Anugam, recorded over 15 years in ten years) are rarely similar to each other – rather, on the contrary. It’s hard to believe that the heated drumbeat of Exotic Dance, the erotic melody of Tantra and the mystical sound of Shamanic Dream was created by the same person! Perhaps, it is thanks to this versatility that the melodies of Anugam have become an integral part of most schools, trainings and seminars related to the New Age, and his music remains extremely popular among connoisseurs of esoteric sound to this day.

Now, living on the island of Maui (Hawaii), Anugama writes new music, inspired by the enchanting beauty of Hawaiian nature. His music still conveys to us a joyful love of life and a deep sense of the existence of the world. Unfortunately, the new Anugama CDs have not been released for more than five years, but New Age connoisseurs can often hear the sound of his instruments on the discs of his colleagues and friends – Karunesh, Deuter, Sagnit Om, Kamal and other musicians at Nightingale Records.


01.  Anugama – Tantric Day (25:04)
02.  Anugama – Full Moon Night (25:05)

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