Anugama — The Lightness of Being

The tenderest New Age album from Anugama, one of the leaders in the music of this genre. For the most part this album is a soft, slow-moving rhythms of air musical instruments that allow very quickly and easily to bring the psyche into a state of balance.

Anugama - The Lightness of Being

Anugama – The Lightness of Being

Anugama is a talented multi-instrumentalist who has been recording his music for more than 20 years. His music covers a wide range of expressions: from tribal rhythmic dance music, music of shamanic rituals and culture to sublime lyrical melodies that take the soul away on the wings of dreams. He receives all his musical material from the most diverse cultures of the world.

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The music created by Anugama allows the listener to study his inner nature. His special strength lies in an exceptional musical sense, skills that permeate his work with a convincing and lively rhythm and which are the basis of his music. The music of Anugama creates a favorable atmosphere for self-knowledge and excellent food for the soul and heart.


01. Anugama – Eastern Sun.mp3
02. Anugama – Purple Dawn.mp3
03. Anugama – Silent Joy.mp3
04. Anugama – Tropical Morning.mp3
05. Anugama – Gentle Touch.mp3
06. Anugama – Morning Glory.mp3
07. Anugama – Call of the Search.mp3
08. Anugama – IO-Moon of Jupiter.mp3
09. Anugama – Song of the Whales.mp3
10. Anugama – Eternal Traveller.mp3
11. Anugama – Shaku Sunset.mp3
12. Anugama – The Empty Sky.mp3
13. Anugama – Ocean and Tambura.mp3

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