AlmA — Winter fairy tale (2010)

December. From the north blowing cold winds. Winter takes over the reign. And what kind of music sounds in the kingdom of the Snow Queen? I think something like the album Winter Fairy tale from AlmA music project.

AlmA — Winter fairy tale (2010)

AlmA is a Russian electronic project that appeared in 2008, and on July 12, 2009 their first release, “Strange music”, shared on the Internet. It was performed in the style of Traditional Electronic and fully justified its name. The second album “Winter fairy tale”, according to the artist, already refers to the styles New Age and Neo classic, because it uses abundantly orchestral music.

Feeling the music of the album “Winter’s Tale” seems cold, mysterious, you feel like a traveler in the snow kingdom. The music is beautiful, the compositions are different in emotional saturation: from quiet and calm, to loud with the predominance of percussion. Almost all the compositions of the album are fairly uniform, without sharp expressive emissions. Therefore, this album is perfect for recreation or as background music. Some compositions have resurrected in my memory the soundtrack of children’s New Year’s performances.


01. AlmA – The winter has come.mp3
02. AlmA – Magic hours.mp3
03. AlmA – Fantastic dream.mp3
04. AlmA – Winter fairy tale.mp3
05. AlmA – Snow smile.mp3
06. AlmA – In blizzard captivity.mp3
07. AlmA – In heart of snowstorm.mp3
08. AlmA – Not clear dance.mp3
09. AlmA – Silent winter night.mp3
10. AlmA – Through clouds.mp3
11. AlmA – The end of winter.mp3
12. AlmA – Breath of spring.mp3

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