Al Gromer Khan – Sufi (2001)

Here Khan draws inspiration from the wide open skies of Persia and the freewheeling dances of the Sufis. The empty spaces in this music are as essential as the melodies themselves. Enjoy this music at moderate to low volume, where a different sound vibration spectrum becomes audible, allowing for a trance-inducing experience and access to our inner worlds. His music he refers to the “paisley” style, and this name he came up with himself. “Paisley” is a motley and elegant, like cashmere fabric, majestic and calm music. Calm, but memorable, suggestive, and not explaining everything thoroughly. Giving the listener the opportunity to find deeply hidden secrets, as if hidden in the ruins of the treasure. Leaving pauses that serve as resting places between notes and are some sort of triggers for imagination.

Al Gromer Khan – Sufi (2001)

Al Gromer Khan (aka Aloysius Gromer) has built many soundscapes from his cross-cultural virtuosity. For Sufi, he relies heavily on Indian acoustic instruments and contemporary electronics. The CD is based on the intense poetry of the Sufi and the purity of their spirituality. Khan was deeply influenced by the teachings of Ustad Vilayat Khan and his demonstration of how a small fragment of music begets new realities. He embraces Sufism that works from direct experiences and allows it to affect his music — deeply. This gentle soundscape is very subtle. The atmospheres are vacuous and large; Al Gromer Khan’s sound design is flawless. The music builds and collapses upon itself continuously. Deep listeners will be fascinated by the depth of the journey. The unique soundscape will appeal to fans of David Parsons, Jalan Jalan, and Angelo Riccardi. It was a finalist in the New Age Voice 2001 music awards — deservedly so.

It is a synthesis of classical Indian melodies, ambient, futuristic cosmic moods, spiritual traditions and unspeakable freedom, allowing the listener to connect his “I” with the flow that accompanies this Music, next to which stands the name of Al Gromer Khan.

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Al Gromer Khan has created many sound pictures based on his virtuoso combination of different cultures. In this album Sufi he relies on Indian acoustic instruments in the processing of modern electronics. This CD is based on Sufi poetry and the purity of their spiritual experience. In this album Al Gromer Khan is fascinated by a combination of modern technologies and traditions, aether and earth, sensuality and reason.


01 – Al Gromer Khan – Khanqah.mp3
02 – Al Gromer Khan – Moderate Mast Near Motor Station.mp3
03 – Al Gromer Khan – Zikr.mp3
04 – Al Gromer Khan – Futura.mp3
05 – Al Gromer Khan – Hal-Fez.mp3
06 – Al Gromer Khan – Tanyet.mp3
07 – Al Gromer Khan – Ya Aziz (Ambient-Adagio-Alap).mp3
08 – Al Gromer Khan – The Crowning of H.S..mp3
09 – Al Gromer Khan – Dargah.mp3

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