Music on Svirel.com is an oasis of pleasant and beloved music in the desert of the vast expanses of the Internet. Here you can quickly and easily familiarize yourself with more than a thousand albums and collections of beautiful music, learn interesting details about music bands & different composers, also find what you have been looking for in the network for a long time etc.

Our Team:

  • Antonio Maduro
    (music from South America, Mexica and Central America)
  • Teddy Hazra
     (music from Africa, Madagascar, Nomads, S.Arabia, Israel)
  • Ruslan Sahautdinov
    (music of Islam)
  • Shiva Mahadev
    (music from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhajans and Meditative Music)
  • Magdalena Pereira (Guitar music, Harp, Zither, Instrumental Music)
  • Luke Edwins
    (Popular music, Dance, Hip-hop, Rock, Blues, Chanson, Romantic, Soundtracks)
  • Marcus Frank
    (Electronic, Ambient music, Chill Out, Lounge, Fusion, Jazz, Down-tempo)
  • Eric Bergsten
    (Instrumental music, Piano, Cello, Violin, Classic music, Neo Classic, Symphonic music)
  • Greta Hansen, aka Margo
    (Medieval, European Folk music, Neo Folk, Ethno beat, World music)
  • Silvia Morelli
    (World & Ethno music collections: Putumayo, Kicc, Ocora, Pacific Moon, Inedit and others)
  • Nicholas Wilson
    (World music, Enigmatic music, Mysterious music, Buddha-bar collections)
  • Aiko Mori
    (Eastern music, Oriental, Music for Yoga, Reiki, Relax, Meditation, Spa)

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