Craig Pruess — Terracotta

Craig Pruess – Terracotta

Terracotta album from Craig Pruess – a wonderful gift to all lovers of ethnic music in the processing. Craig recorded a beautiful instrumental album based on the musical traditions of India and Africa. Despite its “wordlessness”, the album contains exciting rhythms, melodies, very bright arrangements and a special mysterious mood.

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I think this album will appeal to all lovers of exotic music with a mystical touch. Flutes, Sarangis, Sitar and African drums, fast rhythms and tranquil melodies – will tell us what the author and composer experienced on his musical journeys.


01. Craig Pruess – Cantour.mp3
02. Craig Pruess – Dance with Shiva.mp3
03. Craig Pruess – Lovers kiss.mp3
04. Craig Pruess – Brothers.mp3
05. Craig Pruess – Masai Sonata.mp3
06. Craig Pruess – Ever Rest.mp3
07. Craig Pruess – Bhaji on the Beach.mp3
08. Craig Pruess – Ginders Theme.mp3
09. Craig Pruess – Whispers.mp3
10. Craig Pruess – Dancing on the Path.mp3

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Alex Kolchin
I'm interested in music in the style of chillout, lounge, I love light electronic music, music in the style of Enigma, Gregorians, Deep Forest, Peter Gabriel, and also a lot of electronic music with a bias towards ethnicity.

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