Amberfern — Mediterranean

Amberfern — Mediterranean

Amberfern — Mediterranean

Mysterious, beautiful, calm and mystical music with a flutter of guitars, flutes, various exotic instruments, without the taste of synthetic electronic music, but with airiness and space.

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The album is perfect for practicing yoga, contemplation and meditation. You can include it with a background to relax and balance your thoughts and feelings.


01. Amberfern — Ottoman Palace.mp3
02. Amberfern — Es Grau.mp3
03. Amberfern — Deya.mp3
04. Amberfern — Diamond Lights.mp3
05. Amberfern — Sahara.mp3
06. Amberfern — Alcaufar in Amber.mp3
07. Amberfern — Muleta Cove.mp3
08. Amberfern — Serrania de Ronda.mp3
09. Amberfern — Lemon Grove.mp3
10. Amberfern — Luigi’s Bar.mp3
11. Amberfern — White Sales, Blue Sea.mp3

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Author Profile

Alex Kolchin
I'm interested in music in the style of chillout, lounge, I love light electronic music, music in the style of Enigma, Gregorians, Deep Forest, Peter Gabriel, and also a lot of electronic music with a bias towards ethnicity.

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